Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Official!

It's official! We will have more toilet paper rolls than ever to do our toilet paper roll wall art because....

Brandon is now potty trained! SWEET!!

This summer I had worked with him before Emma came along, hoping I would only have one in diapers. He did pretty well but was having accidents. Then Emma came and everything seemed to be put on hold. 

Ever since I wrote my Goals for the New Year we have been really working hard to get this little guy wearing underwear and it's paid off.

I'm excited to say I only have one in diapers!

I'm so proud of him, he's done so well and hasn't had an accident in awhile. He has even been able to hold his pee at night! 

The only problems are:

1. Most of the time he will remove all of his clothes every time he goes potty. It's a constant battle to keep 
him from streaking around our living room.

2. He expects a gift every single time he does number two. There are two problems with this. I have to buy the 'special present' as we call it and even if I get them from the Dollar Tree it still adds up. And sometimes he expects to get multiple 'special presents' in the same day. If you know what I mean....  I think he actually tries to do a half poo, hop off, get his special present and promptly hop back on to drop the second half. He's a clever one.

I've been weaning him off the special present and replacing it with some baking chocolate chips.

It goes a little something like this:

Me - Great job buddy! Two chocolate chips for you...

Handful for Mommy!

 At first he protested but he's getting used to it. Eventually we'll wean him off that and poor guy wont get anything but a high five.

I think with Emma I'm going to have to set the bar very low! 

Ohhh Emma, you pooped in the potty! Great job!!!

Here's your hug.

3. This one isn't really a problem but it's just kinda funny.

The kid tells me

'TA-DA, I pooped in the potty' every time.

I assure him that it is not a magic trick but he still likes the ta-da.


  1. It truly is an awesome feeling to see their poop in the potty, isn't it? Ha!

  2. Great that he's trained, it always seems to come with a price.


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