Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Forever Home

I am writing today with a happy heart! 

Our dream has come true. A dream that we've wanted so badly but seemed to just be beyond our grasp so many times. 

We are going to be homeowners!!

Now before I get too ahead of myself, we still have the inspection and closing to think and pray about. But, as long as nothing pops up we WILL be homeowners.

I ... am ... ecstatic!

This is what we have been working towards for many years. We have been disappointed and felt defeated so many times but it's now here, right here for us to take. 

I am so proud of my husband and myself. It has not come easy for us and we've had a few setbacks but we never gave up. We never stopped trying and hoping and praying. We never stopped.

I am so grateful that we have the home that we have right now. We rent a little townhouse on the corner of a subdivision and I'm just so thankful for it. I am grateful for a roof over our heads and warm beds to sleep in. I'm thankful for the clutter and our tiny living room, I'm thankful because I know so many do not have those things. 

And although I'm so thankful for it, it never stopped me from praying for our 'forever home'. Something of our own that we could all have some space. And as I put my babies to bed tonight I thought of our future without cars playing loud music driving by as I'm trying to put my 8 month old to sleep. Or people yelling to each other from across the parking lot at midnight. 

I thought about being able to say 'YES' when my kids asked me to go outside and play by themselves instead of always having to say 'NO, wait until Mommy can come out with you', because of worrying about cars flying by and strange people walking through. 

Now... I get to say 'yes'!! I'm so thankful to say YES! Yes, you can go outside and play and run and be free and dig in the dirt and I will not have to worry about who is walking around in my yard or the cars speeding by. I can say yes!!

Thank you God, I can say yes... 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Top 5 Ways My Son Has Embarrassed Me .... Lately

Brandon continues to astonish and befuddle me. 

Boys ... are ... strange.

In the beginning, he was normal. He did the same things any baby would do and even in his early toddler years he was on pretty much the same path as Aubrey had been. Walking, talking, learning and playing.

Then, things started to get weird.

He was becoming a boy.

So here we are, 2 years old and he is just waaayyy out there. 

And to show you what I mean, I've compiled the top 5 ways he has embarrassed me ... lately. And I put lately because he embarrasses me all the time but here are the most recent incidences. 

1. He shot me with a popcorn kernel!!! FROM HIS NOSE!!! Yes, that's right. He stuffed a kernel so far up his nose I was contemplating having to take him to the hospital. While I'm sitting there eyeballing the kernel and weighing my options he takes a huge breath and shoots the snot ridden kernel right onto my chest where it proceeds to go down my shirt. YUCK!!!

2. He has no filter. He calls me names in public and tells old ladies at the park how he likes running around naked. Yes, poor Grandma. Thank goodness she could not understand what he was talking about and I was not about to translate. 

3. He pee's whenever and wherever he feels like it. We live on the corner in a subdivision. There have been many times where I turn around and he's letting it all hang out and having target practice in the front yard. Of course I always act shocked and very disturbed just so the cars that are going by know that I do not encourage this behavior.

4. He points out my boobs. IN PUBLIC! Things like:

Mommyyyy, I see yo' booooobiiieeesss!!!

Mommy got boooobbbiiieeess!!!

5. For this last one I need to take a deep breath. Because this was by far the most embarrassing thing he has ever done.

To set the scene: Soccer field, Aubrey is practicing. I'm sitting in my chair holding and playing with Emma. Her stroller is parked next to me with my purse stuffed in the under basket.

Usually while Aubrey is practicing Brandon has a great time running around and playing. That's what I assumed he was doing when I didn't see or hear him.

BUUUT NOOOOO!!! If I don't see or hear him, I know something has got to be up.

I just happened to look over my shoulder and see him sitting behind the stroller. He was casually going through my purse. Okay, not so bad I can handle that.

UNTIL I look down and see that he has pulled out all of my .... *ahem* feminine products and dis-assembled them piece by piece!!!!!!! And he had them strewn all around behind my chair.

AAAAHHHHHH!!!! WHY, oh WHY!!!???

Of course I was freaking out! On the inside that is!

I calmly (kind of) told him to put all that "stuff" back and to get out of my purse.

I'm still praying that no one noticed .... YEA RIGHT!! They were everywhere! And I know for a fact we left that field practically running and there was a 'piece' still sitting there!!

So to pay the little stinker back I'm seeking my revenge. I call this piece:

CAUGHT Playing with my sisters princess computer without wearing any pants! HAHAHA, take that BRANDON!

Love, Mommy

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