Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day a Little Late

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Oh... wait, that was yesterday. What month is this again?? Oh, right. And the year?? OKay, that sounds about right.

Whew, do you ever get your days/months/years mixed up? I find that since I've been a stay at home Mom the days of the week barely matter and the months are only somewhat relevant.

Anyhow, I actually did realize that yesterday was Valentines Day but something is going around over here. Brandon started with a fever Sunday night(I think it was Sunday) along with a runny nose. No big deal other than some general fussiness, he had some meds and he was fine. Then Monday night Emma started to whine and when I felt her face she was burning up. I felt so bad for my sweet little girl, it was her first fever. So we were up and taking meds at about 3 AM. 

Yesterday morning when we woke up, everyone was fine. No fevers!! Thank you God. I'm so thankful it was over quickly. She's been a little fussy and has a runny nose but overall I think she's fine. 

But the big news is that she has a tooth poking through.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I love seeing her grow but I am going to miss the all gums smile. 

Aren't they the BEST! I don't care what mood I may be in but if I see a baby smiling at me with those gums my heart just melts. I wonder if I'll be that cute when I have no teeth and an all gums smile?  

I'm thinking no.

So just to clarify. I have a 5 month old who's getting a tooth, a 2 year old who's getting his molars and a 4 year old who has a loose tooth. 

And then there's me who's lucky to remember to brush my teeth. Maybe I'll have an all gums smile sooner than I think...

So for Valentines Day we probably ate enough candy to rot all of our teeth. The kids had the usual lollipops, 
gum, the little heart things. Basic Valentines day candy.

But I decided to go a different route and act like a real grown up on Valentines Day and make some chocolate covered strawberries. They were absolutely demolished within the first 5 minutes that I made them. 
But I for real could not stop eating the little chocolate chips that I was supposed to be melting for the strawberries. I told myself to stop, my brain said STOP but my hand would not stop feeding my face.

Overall it was a wonderful Valentines Day. Hubby was off of work, we made dinner together (I love when that happens) and walked around the neighborhood while the kids rode their bikes.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day and were able to spend it with someone you love.


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