Friday, April 19, 2013

In This Chair...

A couple nights ago, as I was rocking my baby before bed (yes,we still rock every night) I heard a snap and then I felt the back of my chair fall to the floor. 

Yes that is a picture of what used to be my rocking chair. It slowly fell apart until finally it is now beyond repair.

I used to tell Hubby that I would never get rid of this chair, that I would rock in it as an old woman and daydream about about being young and rocking babies.

It will be hard to throw this stained, broken chair away.

 In this chair I have rocked three newborn babies. I have fed them and soothed them, all in this chair.

In this chair I have watched tiny feet and hands grow big, little mouths that cried turn into mouths that talk, all in this chair.

I have rocked infants, toddlers, preschoolers and even a big kindergartner. In this chair I have rocked all hours of the day and all hours of the night.

A new mother with no idea how to care for a baby, learned .... in this chair.

This chair was rocked in when there was not yet a baby to hold in my arms. With a swollen belly and the dreams of the future to come, I would rock in this chair

I am sad it's broken and I'm not sure if I will replace it with another rocking chair or not. I'm such a sentimental fool but I love this chair. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Perfect Warm Weather Snack: Frozen Grapes

Oh my, spring has finally sprung and it is glorious! We have been spending our days soaking up the sun and enjoying nature.

We have also been sweating and looking forward to cooling off with a refreshing snack. So last week when grapes were on sale I did some major stocking up so we could enjoy one of our favorite fruits.

We love our grapes and ever since last summer when we discovered how amazing they are drozen , we just can't get enough.

All I do is rinse, dry and place into an air tight container with a napkin. That's it! They are uh-mazing!! I snacked on these for like 3 days straight!

Its sad because they are already all gone!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Three Bag Challenge

Last week I was feeling in the mood for some Spring Cleaning. I have been noticing for awhile the mass amount of books we have that seem to be taking over. So I went through and picked out the ones that don't ever get read and the ones that were torn and abused.

It felt gooood to clean up the book clutter.

Then a couple days ago I once again became completely overwhelmed by the tiny toy clutter. You know the tiny toys? The ones you step on in the middle of the night, the ones you get in happy meals or in birthday goody bags. Yeah those annoying little toys that seem to make their way onto the floor at all times.

So I challenged myself to fill up one bag per kids room of toys/clothes, basically anything that didn't get played with or that was outgrown. It was such a great feeling to get a little more organized and have less clutter. I used the small shopping bags since I had already done a clean-out the week before but you could even use a garbage bag. I'm already thinking of applying this to my bedroom, the bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen. It's quick and it makes you feel accomplished. Try it!! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

We had such a perfect weekend, starting off with the kids Aunt Rhe  Rhe  visiting us on Friday. Hubby stayed home to make us all dinner while the rest of us headed off to Aubreys  soccer practice.

This girl is getting so good!!

On Saturday we headed out to the lake and had the best time. We fished and hiked some of the trails, the day was gorgeous!

The Park Rangers were also having a scavenger hunt. Let me tell you... it was the scavenger hunt from H E double hockey sticks. The objective was to to find certain trees that were on the list and write down the code word that was labeled on a wooden marker next to the tree.

Do you know how hard it is to find a wooden marker in a forest of wood?!?! Hard people, hard!!

Saturday evening we had our first bonfire of the year with our cousins and neighbors.

Yea, that would be my hubbys work of art. It was so nice to be outside in the evening and not be freezing, I am so thankful spring is here.

We celebrated our Easter Sunday with Grandparents. They had overflowing Easter baskets for the kids and there was even a break in the drizzle so the kids could take a tractor ride.

Aubrey is on spring break all week and I am so happy to have my girl here with us during the day.

This was this morning with my loves. It has been the perfect day.

I replaced all the kids winter clothes with their spring and summer clothes and it was warm enough for them to wear shorts and dresses.

Tonight I am watching my beloved Dancing with the Stars and letting the kids stay up late and play with the neighborhood kids!

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