Monday, February 13, 2012

Books I Love : The Pillars of the Earth

I love, love, LOVE to read. Curling up with a good book is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time. Although since having kids I don't have a whole lot of that so I take what I can get. Right now I usually read while I'm feeding Emma or after the kids have gone to bed. Or try to slip some time in while I'm supposed to
be doing some housework.

I just finished reading The Pillars of the Earth for the second time last week. The first time, I was about 4 months pregnant with Brandon and I could not put the book down, it's that good.

A few weeks ago I knew I needed a good book in my life. So I took a look through my bookshelf and saw Pillars and knew I had to read it again.

I love the feeling I get when I re-read a good book. When I can vaguely remember a few things about it but I've forgotten all the good details.

If you love historical fiction like I do then you need to get this book ASAP!

It takes place in the 1100's and follows the lives of five people throughout 40 years.

Among the cast of characters are:

Tom: A builder who's dream is to be the master builder of a cathedral. In the beginning of the book Tom and his family are wandering from town to town trying to find work before the harsh winter sets in. They have very little money and when their only means of survival (their pig to sell) is stolen they are desperate to get it back. Tom is devastated when his wife dies during childbirth and is left with an infant with no means to provide food or shelter for it.

Philip: A Monk who has devoted his life to God. Philip starts off as the Prior of a small monastery in a forest and soon finds that God has big plans for his life. Philip faces many challenges and setbacks but never gives up and truly believes in the the greater good. He becomes a leader and pushes forward against evil.

There is Jack: Jack starts out as a young boy who lives in the woods with his mother who has been outcast from the towns. They live a peaceful life in the forest until one day when Jack comes across a newborn baby lying under a tree.

You also have your beautiful lady (Alienna) and your evil villain (William) who complete the story.

This book is so well written and intertwines all of the characters together beautifully. The author writes in great detail and you really get a vivid picture of what life was like back in medieval times. It's suspenseful and engaging and you will have a hard time putting it down.

It has so many different aspects, from romance to rivalry, love and hate, peace and war.

Be forewarned if you start reading this book you may start slacking on every other aspect of your life... Not that I know about that or anything....


  1. Thank you for posting this & giving a synopsis! Like you, I LOVE reading (I'm an editor, so I'd BETTER love it - LOL!) & CANNOT do without books! I haven't read anything by Ken Follett so I will give this a try FOR SURE! Because, like me, you like well-written historical fiction, I have a suggestion for YOU! ANYTHING by Lucia St. Clair Robson is AWESOME, but her first book, RIDE THE WIND, is one of the best books I ever read. It chronicles the 'downfall' of my people, the Comanches, and I can tell you first-hand that Lucia researched impeccably! My grandfather, by the way, NAMED me for one of her main characters. Another excellent book is FOLLOW THE RIVER by James Alexander Thom. Okay! I know you weren't looking for some nut to write her OWN book on your comment space so I'll stop. But I LOVE meeting other book lovers! Couldn't help myself. LOL!

  2. Kai, I had no idea you were an editor! How awesome!! I'm so glad I've found a fellow book lover!!

    Thanks so much for the recommendations! I love hearing what books others are reading. I will for sure be checking those books out at my library! Ride the Wind sounds exactly like the kind of book I would love and while I read it I'll think of you :) Especially since you are named after one of the characters, love that!

  3. I'm a big fan of Romance novels, Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors! "The Lucky One" is my favorite book that he's written, but be warned, if your like me you'll cry at the end of his books! lol :)....But, I like mystery novels too, Ann Mullen's books are really good. She's a local writer, She's lives near Charlottesville. I don't know if you like anything like that, but I thought I'd make some suggestions! :)

    1. Brittany, I love Nicholas Sparks as well. I haven't read 'The Lucky One' so I will definitely put that on my reading list. I also can't wait to see 'The Vow'! I will have to look into Ann Mullen's, I would love to read something by someone local. Thank you for the recommendations!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Your welcome! I can't wait to 'The Vow' either! Also, here's the like to Ann Mullen's web site:


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