Monday, February 6, 2012

Daily Life

Two Mondays ago we went over to my Brother and Sister in laws house.

They just happen to live on a farm.

They have awesome things like the cutest ever baby piglets.

Oh my goodness, the ears get me every time!

It's always so beautiful there, no matter what time of year.

The kids love love love going over there. They always have the greatest time and come home exhausted from running around and playing. 

They love the chickens.

Last spring they also had baby chicks. The kids loved cuddling these little cuties.

They also have goats.

And lots of horses.

But you know what the best thing about this place is??


These guys are the coolest kids ever! They all get along so well and that makes me happy.

When Aubrey came home that day she told me she wanted to live next to her cousins when she gets older. I said no because she's living with Mommy and Daddy foreverrrr!!

Just kidding, I didn't say that but I wanted to. 

We made Cloud Dough. It's so easy to make and it lasts forever. We made this at least 2 weeks ago and it's still sitting in this open bin. The kids are still playing with it and love it. Brandon especially has had a great time with it. I think it's perfect for the 2-4 year old range.

All you have to do is mix 4 cups of flour with 1/2 cup baby oil and throw in some fun stuff for them to play with. 

Emma's hair is as high as ever!

2 inches and counting! And yes that's a ruler, don't hate!

Aubrey discovered that she had a loose tooth. She's so excited! Every day we check and see if it's getting any looser. So far it has kind of stayed the same.

We had some amazingly warm days last week. Capri's in January!

We have finally started looking at houses again. Last week we lined up a few to go look at and as soon as we pulled up to the first one our jaws dropped. We could not even make it up the driveway. First off the home was on a mountain/cliff, then it looked like no one had taken care of the driveway in the last few years. We stopped at the bottom. The picture doesn't look so bad but trust me, the driveway was terrible. The house was beautiful but I would have been so afraid of the kids walking outside and completely falling down the massive hill/cliff that was the front yard.

Brandon has been making me laugh. Last week Aubrey was having a sleepover at a friends house so it was up to Brandon to clean up the toys. Every time I would remind him of that he would look at me with the most serious face and say

'I can't, I just a little boy, I just a little boy'.

I have no idea where he got that but it's so funny.

He's been doing great with going to the potty. A couple of days ago I walked in on him in the bathroom and said

'Whew, it stinks in here!'

He looks at me and says

'Turn fan on den (then).'

HAHA, he's a piece of work that one. 

Apparently I have no sense of style anymore. I bought myself this shirt and when Aubrey saw it she asked me if I was going to jail. 

Today we spent some time at the park enjoying the beautiful day! 


  1. Your graphic for cloud dough days 4 cups water but your post says 4 cups of flour. Can't wait to make it though!


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