Friday, February 17, 2012

What I Love About Summer

This winter seems to be flying by but I just can't help but anticipate the arrival of spring and summer, my favorite times of the year. We were in Walmart today and strolled over (well as much as you can stroll with 3 kids) to the Lawn and Garden section and they have already started putting out their summer stock as well as some plants. Yayyy, spring is near!

When I think back to my childhood and even in my adulthood some of fondest moments take place in the summer. The beauty of nature in the summer is something that I could never explain in words. Walking barefoot in an abundance of spongy green grass, trees that grow so tall it makes you dizzy to look up at them with a backdrop of a clear blue sky. Birds chirping their beautiful music that fills your ears even before you have opened your eyes in the morning. Feeling the sun on your face and the warm gentle breeze on your shoulders... I could go on and on and on about what I love about summer.

I can't wait for the parades.

Can you tell how excited Aubrey was?

And I'm looking forward to playing outside in the sprinklers and days that don't grow dark until 9 o' clock.

And the carnivals.

And I really can't wait to spend the entire day at the lake fishing.

Let us not forget probably the most essential part of summer. Catching lightning bugs.

When I was coming inside today I looked at my neighbors yard and she has daffodils blooming. Love it!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I have two confessions. First: I was so enthralled with the pictures of your beautiful children, I forgot, at first, to read your post! WOW! Your kiddos are STUNNING! Second: I HATE SPRING!!! HATE IT!!! Why? Because ALL it promises is ... ugh, ugh, ugh ... SUMMER. I DO like ONE thing about Summer. Once it ends, Autumn arrives! I live in hot, humid Houston. Summer is NOT fun here! But I STILL think you have some of the cutest children I've ever seen! (Does that make my NOT liking Summer a lil' better?)

    1. Awww, thank you for the compliments on my kids. I think they stunning as well :) And I am appalled that you do not like spring/summer!!! Okay, I'm giving you some credit since you live in Houston! I'm in Virginia where it is SNOWING right now!

  2. Oh yes...those wonderful sounds of singing birds in the morning. We just bought our first home last summer so this will be our first spring here. I can't wait to open the windows and hear all the birds.

    And I know, my son can't wait for the lightning bugs. We moved to a rural area and we're flooded with them!


    1. Congratulations on your first home!! We are trying to buy our first home right now, it's a short sale so we're still waiting. My kids love lightning bugs too!


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