Friday, September 27, 2013

In Recent News...

Summer is over, wahhh. But also yayyy! 

I waited so long for summer to be here and it's already gone. I do have a love for Autumn though and it takes away some of the bitterness from our lovely summer being over. 

Chilled mornings are here, walking to the bus stop while leaves flutter down from the trees, hot coffee... Yes, I must say Autumn is wonderful. 

We did have a sweet summer, here's what I don't want to forget - 

Lovely lake days, spent swimming, building sand castles, hiking and fishing - 

Spending our evenings outside catching lightning bugs and enjoying the stars.

Brandon celebrated his 4th Birthday!!
I told him that he could choose anything in the whole world to do and we would do it. Of course I was just about 100% sure that I knew what he was going to say...

FISHING! So that's what we did for the afternoon.

Emma also celebrated her 2nd birthday!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I have no babies anymore!

We had a yard sale.

And spent a few days at the beach.

We did lots of stuff around the house which I will have to take pictures of at some point. Spent lots of time with lovely family and friends and just enjoyed some good ol' family time.

I love you summer!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Well, Hello Blog

Dear sweet Blog, I know I've neglected you and haven't even batted an eyelid in your direction. You see I have 3 and sometimes even 4 very needy and demanding individuals who have been stealing all of my time and energy. 

See here, here they are, they don't look it but sometimes they can be downright selfish when it comes to their Mommy. 

But then something happened yesterday when I was at one of our favorite parks. I started thinking about the last year around this time when we came to the same park. Except I couldn't remember if it was last year, or if it was the year before. 

And then I thought, how am I ever going to remember. A Mother needs to know these things!! 

And that's when I did remember. I remembered that I have this little corner of the blogging world where I write about our little adventures and I knew I could come back to it and find out if it really was last year or not. 

And that's why I need this little blog. 

I need to write these things, so that I can remember these things. 

So Dear Blog, I promise to do better, even if it's just a little better. I will be here to write about my needy little children so that I can remember them, when they're not very needy at all. 

Come back friends, I'll be here again to update everything I've missed. 
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