Tuesday, September 25, 2012


About a week after we moved into our new home we welcomed a new addition to our family. 



This is where I found him this evening when I turned on the bathroom light. This is also the exact reason I love cats, they have so much personality. 

Copper really is a sweetie! We adopted him from our neighbor who's cat had kittens. He is very sweet with the kids, even when Emma manhandles him before I can pry her off of him.

He was meant to be an outdoor only cat but of course it hasn't worked out that way. He likes to go outside with us but he also likes to come right back inside when we do. 

So far he's been stuck in a tree at least twice, he's caught us a butterfly, grasshopper and his newest critter today was a small lizard. 

The gross part is that somehow Brandon got ahold of this lizard and was toting it around like a new pet. Once I realized what he was doing I went outside to freak out and hose him down but apparently it had not been dead like we thought and had scampered away. EEEEWW!

Aubrey is Coppers 'Mommy' and she carries him around just like a baby. She's been doing pretty good about taking care of him and litter box duties. 

Things I don't like:

This cat passes gas like crraaaazy! It's soooo gross!! Not to mention the smell when he actually does a number 2. I seriously have to turn on the fan in the bathroom every single time. 

Cat litter all over the bathroom floor. 

All in all he's really been the perfect addition and we love him so much already. 1 dog, 1 cat ... Now, onto the chickens!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Beautiful Morning (so far)

What a beautiful morning!! The weather is pppeeeerrrrfect!! It's so gorgeous outside, the temperature is amazing!

This morning was a little rushed, Aubrey has her first ever picture day! Oh my, what to wear? How to do her hair? Hubby wanted me to do somthing fancy smancy with her hair, so what did I do? 

Ponytail all the way! 

After Aubrey was off to school, we did a little cleanup and then went outside.

Brandon showed off his tree climbing skills!

I'll give you a cookie if you can find the cat in the above picture!

Emma is still cute and all over the place. We have a nice big yard but where does she want to play? The gravel road.

I bought this beautiful mum at the store for $3.50. It puts me in the fall mood.

I got all the trash together for Hubby to take to the dump later. Yes, dump! Country living means no trash service. 

I am so thankful for this beauty that surrounds us. 

But not for this huge massive ugly creepy spider that we found. 

We are also on acorn overload! They are everywhere, millions of acorns!! When you walk outside you need to be careful so you don't get knocked out by one falling from one of these tall trees. 

I'm happy it's Friday. I get to have my girl home all day with me for the next two days!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub

YALL got to try this!!! 

Last Friday night, I was in the need of a little pampering and attention. Since it's football season the only thing around here getting attention from Hubby is the NFL Network. 

If you gotta husband who ignores you during football season, can I get a AMEN!

Goodness, I have to stand in front of the T.V. to get Hubb's attention and even then it's iffy. 

So I decided make myself some foot and body scrub. I looove making this stuff and how soft my skin feels after using it. Don't ever buy body scrub from the store, it's so easy and cheap to make!

All you need:

2 and 1/2 cups of sugar
4 TBSPN lemon juice
1 cup olive oil

I used bottled lemon juice since I didn't have any fresh.

All you have to do is combine and mix.

Add to your jar and you are DONE!

So simple! It makes quite a bit so I'll probably be using this one jar for awhile.

It was so nice to exfoliate, I use it everywhere! Feet, hands, stomach, face. I even used it on my lips!

The only warning I would have is to be careful if you have sensitive skin. I think I rubbed a little too hard on my lips so they were a little tender the next day.

It also settles to the bottom and needs some vigorous shaking in between uses.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who Is Justin Beaver?

Today, after school.

I miss Aubrey during the day when she is at school but one thing I love is talking to her about her day and just hearing her tell me about the things she thinks are important.

Today she came home telling me about someone named Justin Beaver.

Apparently this Beaver is, from what she says:

'My friends boyfriend.'


In Kindergarten, really?? Already?? Talking about boyfriends aaaannndd


Ok, I know his name is not Beaver but I thought it was hilarious when Aubrey said that. 

It all just seems to soon. I know it's innocent Kindergarten stuff and I can even remember saying things like that when I was her age but it's just weird.

We have talked about having a boy, who is a friend. But we do not call them our boyfriend. They are just a friend.

I do NOT want a little girl with Beaver Fever running around here!!! Thankfully, I don't think she really knows who he is so we are going to try to keep it that way!

Monday, September 10, 2012


Do you ever have that moment when you just feel like everything is passing you by? I get this feeling on a routine basis and it's always about the kids.

They are growing, changing, maturing every moment of every day. 

And sometimes it makes me so darn confused.

One one hand I'm so happy that they are doing these things, grateful to have healthy children who can do these things.

On the other hand I just want things to pause for awhile. 

You take so many pictures and so many videos to try to capture it all. 

But you know, deep down that it just does not compare. It. Will. Never. Compare. 

The photo, the video or even the memory will never, ever be as good as when you were there.

Playing, holding, rocking. 

I'm trying to take it all in and just be grateful that I have been so blessed.

Okay, back on topic. The kids have reached some major milestones here recently, starting with...

My sweetie, who started walking and is now running everywhere. 

We celebrated two birthdays. Emma turning one and Brandon turning 3. 

We had such a wonderful time with our family and friends. The kids had a blast on the slip n slide and in the pool and loved the bonfire and making smores. It was a perfect day.

And of course I've already written about our newest milestone, Aubrey being a big kindergartner. Which she loves by the way!!

This was her, all smiles after we picked her up on her first day. 

Life is so good and we're so happy for these milestones.

Friday, September 7, 2012

One Year Ago Today....

One year ago today, these were the pictures I took...

My goodness, what a difference a year makes! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Aside from all the house worry, we really did have a wonderful summer. We had so much fun spending time together.

Early in the summer we went to Kings Dominion. We had such a blast!! The kids were in loooove and could not stop smiling.

I love how Emma's belly is overlapping her shorts in that one!

Aside from all the rides, Kings Dominion had a new thing going on called Dinosaurs Alive. It was so amazing. They created life size dinosaurs that moved and roared. Very cool, Brandon loves dinosaurs so he was especially happy to see these. 

That guy was HUGE! They even had a big sand pit where you could dig up dinosaur bones.

I would have to say Brandon's favorite part of the whole park was the bumper cars. He and Aubrey must have rode those things at least 50 times. They would get in, ride, hope off and get right back in line. He could not stop smiling!

I was really scared that Emma would be fussy since a lot of the time she would have to be in her stroller. I was so wrong, she was so great and happy.

After the kids enjoyed riding all the kids rides they could Hubby decided it was time for Aubrey to ride a 'real' roller coaster. So he found one that wasn't too bad and up they went. Aubrey hated it and came back crying!! She just was not ready for that. 

We spent a lot of time at the pool and Aubrey can officially swim on her own. She worked really hard and about mid summer was swimming like a fish in the deep end. 

Brandon loves to just bob in the water with his floaties.

Big chunky loves her pool time.

There was the fair.

The museum where they were able to crush corn like in the old days. 

Lots and lots of fishing.

Aubrey and her bestie Ava made the bible school rounds and had a wonderful time. Brandon wanted to go so bad but he was just not old enough this year. It gave me a preview of life with her in school.

Hubby's work had a huge picnic for the employees.

Aubrey had fun getting sprayed by the fire trucks.

Emma on her first moon bounce.

I'm sure I'm missing some things but the majoring of summer was spend with just us together. My favorite thing.

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