Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Steppin' It Up

I am so proud of myself!!! I wore jeans for THREE days in a ROW!!!


And they did not have an elastic waistband, they had buttons and errything! I actually zipped the zipper all the way up and buttoned both buttons. 

And they were not the same jeans!!! Well 2 of the 3 days they were but on the 3rd day they were a whole other pair.

I took a picture to document this monumental occasion.

Jeans, the real kind!!

And just to make this package a little sweeter I actually wore a real top today! Not a sweatshirt or one of hubbys T's. A REAL SHIRT. 

On top of all that, get this, I even straightened my hair!!!!

I am setting records peeps, records.

It was a beautiful day so we went to the park and I got an unexpected compliment (I think).

We are what I like to call 'regulars' at this particular playground. The kids make friends with other 'regulars' so usually there is always someone they know and can play with when we are there.

So over walks a little girl

'Hiiiii, do you remember me?'


'Of course' I say!


'I remember you too, today you look new. But I still remembered you.'

OMG, for realz!?!? 

5 year old recognized I was not in my normal stretchy pants, spit up pooped on sweatshirt and ponytail.

5 years old peeps, 5!!!!!

Dear Diva Fashionista 5 year old,

You can play with my daughter ANY day.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Top 5 Reasons the Kids Still Think It's Christmas

The kids still think it's Christmas and I'm not sure why...

But here are my top 5 guesses:

Maybe it's all the Christmas clearance that I keep bringing home.

Or that I keep making them do Christmas crafts that I find on clearance...

Decorate a Christmas tree at the end of January? Don't mind if I do!

Or the Christmas Crack?? Or 'Fistmas Fack' as Brandon refers to it that we can't stop making.

They also seem to think that snow equals Christmas. So even though we've only had a few dustings they were sure it meant that it was Christmas.

But never mind all that. I'm going to go ahead and say that the number one reason they still think it's Christmas is:

We still have our lights up and occasionally we plug them in!

Keeping the Christmas spirit alive, one child at a time. 

Over and out.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'll Eat You Up, I Love You So...

Aubrey, when you go to Kindergarten 

I think I'll say

Please don't go, I'll eat you up, I love you so.

Brandon, when you get married

I think I'll say

Please don't go, I'll eat you up, I love you so.

Emma, when you are the last to leave home

I think I'll say

Please don't go, I'll eat you up, I love you so.

Baby sleeps, Baby cries,
But long after you nod off I still lay by.

Ten little fingers swaddled up tight,
I sit and watch after you've gone goodnight.

Open the door to big kids room,
Silent slumber my eyes consume.

I say, 'I'll be just fine',
But then I think and start to unwind.

No more babies to kiss and caress,
No more cleaning up the mess.

No more bedtime books to read,
No more hungry mouths to feed.

I'm so happy to see you grow,


Please don't go.

I'll eat you up.

I love you so.

Dear Kids, 

If you haven't noticed already,

I think I may have a slight problem with letting go... I'm working on it, maybe when you're 18 I'll be able to let you out of eyesight and not feel like I'm missing an arm, or leg... or my heart...


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lets Talk Potty Talk

Potty talk is big in our house right now. BIG. It seems as though every other sentence has a bum, butt, pee pee, poo poo or bum-cheek (made up word by my kids) in it. 

Any one of those words can be a gateway to at least 10 minutes of hysterical laughter. It goes a little something like this:

Brandon: HAHA, I got a BUMCHEEK

Aubrey: HAHA






Aubrey: POOP



And that's just the first minute. Of course I go through the usual

'That's innapropriate'

'You know you're not supposed to talk like that'


I must say. I enjoy a little bathroom humor myself. Just being honest! Who doesn't like a good 'the time I pooped my pants story'. C'mon, I know some of you may be scoffing right now but I know you would laugh  just like anyone else if you heard a good pooped the pants story. YOU KNOW YOU WOULD. Right?

Ok, please do not tell me I'm the only one who laughs at these things.

???? Please????

While I don't find the word butt or pee very funny, I do laugh when my kids fart... On the inside.

I know better than to laugh out loud because it will open a whole new can of worms. I think if they knew I thought it was funny we would live in a constant state of gas passing potty talk.

Is this a parenting secret or what? Not letting our kids know we think a little bathroom humor is funny too.

I mean, I don't ever remember my Mom laughing at these things... Or did she???? I must ask her these questions one day. Speaking of my Mom, she's probably cringing while reading this ... OR IS SHE??

I have a very vivid memory when I was in 1st grade. Everyone was sitting around, Indian style, while our teacher read us a book. Out of nowhere the girl in front of me lifted her knee up and let loose a thundering fart!! NO ONE batted an eye! I was dying on the inside, DYYYIIINNNGGG people. I wanted to laugh so BAD!!! But I didn't. And you are welcome for that, gas passing 1st grader.

All I could think of was how her parents must be very open to farting. By that time my Momma had taught me that you never should fart in public, EVER. At least not out loud! And here she was actually LIFTING her knee to let it loose. I was amazed.

Ok, sorry, had to tell that story. Back to the subject ...

The movie Bridesmaids grossed $288 million!

I KNOW I got some fellow Moms out there who loved that bathroom scene just as much as I did or that movie would not have made so much money. I watched that scene at least 10 times when I rented that movie, it was just so hilarious.

Hubby and I still quote from that movie!


And my personal fav.


HILARIOUS! Laughing just thinking about it!

As far as the potty talk, they're kids. I get it. And we will be making sure to teach them not to fart in public...at least not where anyone can hear it. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brandon is Quirky

Brandon has become quite a little character lately, here's a couple of interesting things he's been up to:

He has no shame.
He will walk, jump, run, do flips, dance ... all in his birthday suit. 

He is honest. 
He has no problem telling me that I have a big bum.
'I smack that big bum' to be more specific. 

He will always tell ... on himself.
Mommy, I'm not sharing.
Mommy, I need to go to timeout.
Mommy, I make Emma cry.
Mommy, I hit Aubrey.

When he goes potty, he cannot have any type of underwear or pants on. Most of the time he will also take his shirt off. We are working on this one.

He will also randomly undress himself.

He notices things.
The other day he told me he liked my new shower curtain that I had hung up the day before.
I don't think Hubby even realized we had a new shower curtain.

I get a lot of comments from people who ask me if he ever smiles. They also wonder if he ever talks. This is so funny to me because I have noticed that he tends to be quiet and expressionless when we are out or he is unfamiliar with his surroundings. At home he is the complete opposite!

Today he went potty (#2) and didn't let me know that he needed some assistance. Apparently he just hopped off and went on with playing. I was then notified by his sister and cousin that

'Brandon got poop on your bed'.

I went upstairs and he had been jumping on my bed and landing on his butt.

Do you get the mental picture yet??

Something like a chocolate (butt) kiss, or a butt print.

Ummm yeahhhh...

Needless to say, I think he now knows Mommy and Daddy's bed is not a canvas for his butt art and that he needs to notify someone if he's gone #2.

He also always tells me thank you after I help him in the potty, 'thank you Mommy' he says.

I love you buddy, even if you do arts and crafts on my bed!

I like my artsy with a little bit of fartsy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I Have a Peanut Gallery

For the last few weeks I've been pulling a bottle out at random times and trying to get Emma to drink from it.

It's not working...

She's not having it. Aubrey and Brandon both drank from a bottle at some point in their 1st year but Emma is apparently too stuck up for the ba ba.  I love being able to nurse her but it would be so nice to be able to break out the bottle every once in awhile if we are out somewhere.

Apparently she doesn't care.

 She gives me faces like this whenever I even attempt to put that silicon nipple near her face.

Doesn't the face just say it all?

AAARRRGGGG Matey, give me that silicon nipple one more time and I'll make you walk the plank!!

Ok, but for realz she is making a pirate face in this picture.

On the other hand, my peanut gallery is not helping.

Dear Aubrey and Brandon,

It does not help the situation when you are sitting in the background saying things like :

Momma, she wants the BOOOOB!!


Why are you doing that to her, she wants the BOOOOOB!!!

She's hungry!! Give her the BOOOOB!!

Emma, hold out for the BOOOOB!!!

Ok, I added that last one but I'm sure it will come out sometime.

And Brandon, your constant background music of

She want BOOOOBY



Is especially frustrating.

Your Mom

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Daily Life

I can't wait until Spring!!!! It's been so cold around here. After my Long Days post we kind of fell back into place and back into our normal 'groove'. I love being in the 'normal groove', don't you? 

On Thursday we were able to get in some time at the park even though it was so cold. We headed out to the lake and had a great time. I have a special place in my heart for it. When I was younger we lived just a few minutes away from here. I can remember swinging on the swings and rolling down the hills. My Mom and I would drop my brother off here early in the mornings to fish and pick him up in the evenings. Seeing my own kids play here just makes it that much more special. 

They love it too. It is truly beautiful here. 

Aubrey may or may not grow up to be a plumber. 

One of their favorite things to do is not play on the equipment but to run up and down the huge hills. I even joined in since I could feel Jillian Michaels evil eyes burning a hole in my thighs... and hips... So up and down I went while I carried Emma. It was a great workout, I definitely felt it the next day. 

When we got home this beautiful goodness was waiting for us on the doorstep.

Betty Crocker? Don't mind if I do!! 

Shut it Jillian, I do as I please!!!

Ehem, anyway. I signed up awhile back for a free sample from Betty Crocker. SWEET, not a sample, it's the real deal. 

We got to work....

Ohhh they were so good. 

Some other random things that I don't want to leave out:

Last Friday we had plans to meet up with our friends Julia and Sean at the pool. I was totally about to call off the plans when I had to squeeze myself into my bathing suit. IT... WAS....NOT...GOOD!

So there I am in my bathroom completely having it out with my bathing suit. We are going back and forth, it's not looking good for me, bathing suit is taking over and making me call it Daddy when out of nowhere Jillian Michaels gives me the strength I need to pull, stretch and contort it into place. Whew! 

So off we went. I may have had the hugest wedgie known to mankind but I did not care and conveniently had packed a pair of shorts to cover up this ginormous wedgie. You are very welcome fellow pool go-ers. 

I am so glad we went. We had the best time. The kids played and I got some very much needed adult conversation.

This was Emma's first experience actually playing in the pool. The other times she has been sleeping. 
I could tell she loved it because she didn't make a sound the entire time! 

Somewhere around the time this picture was taken Brandon came to me and said

'Mommy, I pee pee in waddderr??'

It was a question.

Before I could answer I saw him get very still...

The deed was done.

So sorry fellow pool go-ers. He had on a swim diaper but we all know those things only work for the poo's not the pee's. 

Here's to hoping that they put enough chlorine in there to come close to dying your hair.

On Saturday my gal pal, sister from a different Mister, Jenny came over with her daughter and we had a fantastic evening in. Jenny seems to think it's cold in my house and makes sure to wear leggings under her actual pants. She also requires her daughter to change into her 'warm' pants before coming.

Whatevs Jenny, just 'cause you can see your breath in the air does not mean it's cold!!! 

Oh wait, yes it does. WHATEVS!

Okay, for real, you can't really see your breath in the air but I do admit it aint no sauna up in here!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dollar Tree Contact Paper and Used Boxes Wall Art

Okay y'all, I was in the Dollar Tree a couple days ago and found some awesome stuff. But before we get to that can I just say that I'm loving Dollar Tree? OK, I know I've said that before but each time I go it gets better and better.

They are blowing my mind with all the things they can sell for a dollar!!

 Now days I can't go in there and not come out with a bagful of things. It's just like Target, go in for soap and come out with everything you don't need! 

Anyway, I found this awesome stuff:

Most of these pictures were taken at night so please excuse the harsh lighting.

Contact paper with a beautiful design on it. The light bulb in my head went off and I knew I had to have it for a project I've been wanting to do.

This is how you make wall art using Dollar Tree Contact Paper and some used boxes.

Since I have a slight hoarding problem and a love for boxes I will save boxes because I know I can find a good use for them. And now I have! 

All you need are some used boxes whatever size you would like. These are the ones I used:

Four of them to be exact.

The first thing you need to do is tape up any open parts of your box. Next I spray painted the front of my boxes white so that you wouldn't see the lettering popping through. I only did this because my Contact paper was a light color. If you have a darker color you may not need to do it.

All you are going to do is cut your Contact paper down to size so that you can 'wrap' your boxes.

Wrap like so.

Don't worry if you have some places showing. All you need to do is cut a little piece and fill it in.

Wrap all of your boxes and voila!

All I did was find the middle of my box and slice a little hole in it with my scissors so that I could hang it on a nail in my wall.

Then you are ready to hang!!

Love these!! After I made these I decided to go a little further and fill in the blank spot next to them. So I used 2 Mac n Cheese boxes taped together.

I'm not sure if I like the Mac n Cheese one. I'm still thinking I may just wait to have 2 more of the Granola boxes and just have 6 of the same size boxes. But overall, I love it!

Now you can have toilet paper rolls and old boxes hanging on your walls. YOU ARE WELCOME.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long Days

Today was just one of those days. 

Last night Emma woke up so many times that I stopped counting. I thought, well at least she will take a nice long nap today. No such luck. My baby girl just hasn't been happy. Teething is in full swing.

It's been cold today, we were able to sneak in some outside time this morning but stayed in for the rest of the day. Brandon was cranky, Aubrey was cranky, Emma was cranky. I was cranky.

One of those days.

Being stuck inside is no fun with 3 little ones. We try playing games, we try playing play-doh, we have snacks, we do crafts but it just isn't enough some days. 

I try to tell myself, 'I will never get this day back' and I try to stop being so short and snappy. 

One of those days when you feel like you are the only Mother out there dealing with restless kids.

And then you realize you're not and it makes you feel better because you know that there are Moms (Dads, Grandparents, Anyone) out there who are just like you, dealing with the same things you're dealing with.

And then you smile because you know your Mom probably went through the same things and her Mom and so on. 

But mostly you smile because you know tomorrow is a new day and you have another chance to do it all over again and you hope that it will be better. But you know that even if it isn't, it's okay because you love these kids and you love your husband and you love your life. 

And you know that as long as you have the love you've got it all.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Very Random Post

So last night we were feeling very bored. The past few days have been so cold it's been hard to do anything outside, we just want to stay cuddled up in our warm and cozy home.

The kids were starting to get hyper from being stuck inside so we decided to play a favorite game of ours 'hide and go seek'. First the kids would hide then it was Mommy and Daddy's turn.

The kids would go downstairs to count and Daddy would hide somewhere upstairs.

Like the closet.

Here come the kids.

It took them a little while but they finally found him.

They were having so much fun.

Daddy thought he could fool the kids by hiding under a blanket but it didn't take them long to find him.

He got jumped on.

The kids were able to get a lot of energy out from running all around and going up and down steps. 

 As we were all settling down I made the kids 'Special Drink' as I like to call it. I know, I'm just so creative.

All you need are:

2 cups, one larger than the other. The larger cup needs to be solid and the smaller cup needs to be clear.

Glow Sticks:

Next you need to fit the glow stick inside the larger cup like so:

Then you will fit your smaller cup inside the large cup and fill it with any type of clear drink.

Then turn off the lights and this is what you get.

Glow in the dark drinks. The kids love when we make these.

On another note, this is my breakfast this morning. I'm still working on my Goals for 2012 but I had a relapse. Yes, the crack is back.


I'm telling myself it's okay because I'm going to run 3 miles this afternoon ... in my head. I promise myself I will take the time to lay down on my couch and meditate on my 3 mile run. No, no, make it 5. It wont be easy but life isn't easy. During this time I'm going to make sure to envision myself sweating profusely and dropping approximately 25 lbs. while pretending I'm in the summer Olympics. I will be winning the gold medal and have the hugest smile as they play the Star Spangled Banner and place my medal over my head. The Olympics will be on the Fiji Islands where I'll be taking a dip in the ocean afterwards to cool down. I will then hop off my couch and feel extremely pleased with myself.

Heh... Got a little carried away there... Guess that's what a sugar rush will do to you...

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