Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long Days

Today was just one of those days. 

Last night Emma woke up so many times that I stopped counting. I thought, well at least she will take a nice long nap today. No such luck. My baby girl just hasn't been happy. Teething is in full swing.

It's been cold today, we were able to sneak in some outside time this morning but stayed in for the rest of the day. Brandon was cranky, Aubrey was cranky, Emma was cranky. I was cranky.

One of those days.

Being stuck inside is no fun with 3 little ones. We try playing games, we try playing play-doh, we have snacks, we do crafts but it just isn't enough some days. 

I try to tell myself, 'I will never get this day back' and I try to stop being so short and snappy. 

One of those days when you feel like you are the only Mother out there dealing with restless kids.

And then you realize you're not and it makes you feel better because you know that there are Moms (Dads, Grandparents, Anyone) out there who are just like you, dealing with the same things you're dealing with.

And then you smile because you know your Mom probably went through the same things and her Mom and so on. 

But mostly you smile because you know tomorrow is a new day and you have another chance to do it all over again and you hope that it will be better. But you know that even if it isn't, it's okay because you love these kids and you love your husband and you love your life. 

And you know that as long as you have the love you've got it all.


  1. I remember days like that very well! Three crazy and cranky kids at home all day long. We still have some crazy days around here and I only have one at home with me now:)

  2. I guess every Mother has those days no matter how many kids they have :)


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