Friday, January 20, 2012

Daily Life

I can't wait until Spring!!!! It's been so cold around here. After my Long Days post we kind of fell back into place and back into our normal 'groove'. I love being in the 'normal groove', don't you? 

On Thursday we were able to get in some time at the park even though it was so cold. We headed out to the lake and had a great time. I have a special place in my heart for it. When I was younger we lived just a few minutes away from here. I can remember swinging on the swings and rolling down the hills. My Mom and I would drop my brother off here early in the mornings to fish and pick him up in the evenings. Seeing my own kids play here just makes it that much more special. 

They love it too. It is truly beautiful here. 

Aubrey may or may not grow up to be a plumber. 

One of their favorite things to do is not play on the equipment but to run up and down the huge hills. I even joined in since I could feel Jillian Michaels evil eyes burning a hole in my thighs... and hips... So up and down I went while I carried Emma. It was a great workout, I definitely felt it the next day. 

When we got home this beautiful goodness was waiting for us on the doorstep.

Betty Crocker? Don't mind if I do!! 

Shut it Jillian, I do as I please!!!

Ehem, anyway. I signed up awhile back for a free sample from Betty Crocker. SWEET, not a sample, it's the real deal. 

We got to work....

Ohhh they were so good. 

Some other random things that I don't want to leave out:

Last Friday we had plans to meet up with our friends Julia and Sean at the pool. I was totally about to call off the plans when I had to squeeze myself into my bathing suit. IT... WAS....NOT...GOOD!

So there I am in my bathroom completely having it out with my bathing suit. We are going back and forth, it's not looking good for me, bathing suit is taking over and making me call it Daddy when out of nowhere Jillian Michaels gives me the strength I need to pull, stretch and contort it into place. Whew! 

So off we went. I may have had the hugest wedgie known to mankind but I did not care and conveniently had packed a pair of shorts to cover up this ginormous wedgie. You are very welcome fellow pool go-ers. 

I am so glad we went. We had the best time. The kids played and I got some very much needed adult conversation.

This was Emma's first experience actually playing in the pool. The other times she has been sleeping. 
I could tell she loved it because she didn't make a sound the entire time! 

Somewhere around the time this picture was taken Brandon came to me and said

'Mommy, I pee pee in waddderr??'

It was a question.

Before I could answer I saw him get very still...

The deed was done.

So sorry fellow pool go-ers. He had on a swim diaper but we all know those things only work for the poo's not the pee's. 

Here's to hoping that they put enough chlorine in there to come close to dying your hair.

On Saturday my gal pal, sister from a different Mister, Jenny came over with her daughter and we had a fantastic evening in. Jenny seems to think it's cold in my house and makes sure to wear leggings under her actual pants. She also requires her daughter to change into her 'warm' pants before coming.

Whatevs Jenny, just 'cause you can see your breath in the air does not mean it's cold!!! 

Oh wait, yes it does. WHATEVS!

Okay, for real, you can't really see your breath in the air but I do admit it aint no sauna up in here!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Awww.....good pictures....Emmy has grown/changed so much just since Christmas, WOW! I dont really know who she looks like...still think it may be Aubrey.

  2. Oh your daughter is a doll!! And love the plumber comment- too funny.
    I love love sugar cookies!!


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