Monday, January 16, 2012

I Have No Self Control & A Mommy Confession

I have no self control...

Okay, this obviously doesn't count since the box is a pretty yellow... OBVIOUSLY.

And everyone knows that if it sits between a fruit and a vegetable it obviously cancels it out...OBVIOUSLY.

On the flip side, this is what I'm making the kids eat.


Haha suckas! 

The other day I was looking at some things I had written on my refrigerator pad and found this.

If you don't know what Christmas Crack is, click here.

Ummm, perhaps I need to prioritize better...

I had to add a few more to the list ... just for fun of course.

Haha!! Just kidding!

And now... for some Mommy Confessions.

On Sunday Hubby and Aubrey had went to run some errands around town, Emma was napping and it was just Brandon and I hanging out.

Brandon was in the living room and I was in the kitchen sneaking chocolate chips. You know, the baking chips? They look like this:

Am I the only one who buys these to bake with but ends up just eating them by the handful? Please say no...

So there I was in the kitchen eating and by eating I mean shoveling, when Brandon announced he had to go potty. I took a quick scoop and went with him so that I could turn on the light.

So he's going potty, I'm standing in the doorway.

That's when he saw my hand go to my mouth... And he said 3 of the most dreaded words in a Mothers vocabulary.

'What you eating???'

I swallowed and and tried to quickly weigh my options.

Option 1: Tell him what they are and then have to share. (he also had not had dinner yet so I didn't want to ruin his appetite. My appetite on the other hand is still good even after eating a jar of chocolate chips)

Option 2: Don't tell and possibly feel a little guilty.

'Ummm, it's just a carrot.'

'Ohh, I'm done' he says and hops off the potty.

SHEW! That was close I told myself. Almost had to share. I'm thinking this may be the last year I can pull this off with him. Aubrey would have called my bluff in a heartbeat.

Sorry B but one day when you are a Daddy, you will understand. I promise.

So, please also tell me that I'm not the only one who separates their food into 'kid food' and 'Mommy and Daddy food'.

Mommy Confession #2
The other night before going to bed I cleaned up the downstairs, picking up everything off the floor, straightening the couch and all that good stuff. I went to the kitchen and started turning off lights. As I got to the living room I saw something laying next to the couch. A piece of food. I went and picked it up ...

And then ... I ate it.

Was I hungry? NO.

I was tired. So very tired. I didn't even think, I just lifted hand... to mouth.
I know....

I know...

I could not stop laughing about this the following morning. I must have been out of it because I can't even recall what exactly it was.

I was tired people, TIRED. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

New goal for 2012, don't eat off the floor.
I have also realized something about myself from writing this blog. I seem to be a slight bit obsessed with
2 things.

Food and babies.

Dear Hubby, if you want to keep your wife happy just keep feeding her and letting her produce babies.

Haha, he's gonna get all riled up when he reads THAT. Haha, love it. Okay, enough ramblings for today!


  1. Oh no.....time to change your obessions....

  2. I laughed out loud at "What you eating?" Ha! I know exactly what you mean. BTW, I eat stuff off the floor all the time.

    (Come back to "Finding the Funny" next week, too, pretty please?)

  3. This is awesome! One time in college, my roommate passed out with a handful of popcorn still in her hand. So I ate it. I totally forgot about that until just now... Thank you!

    :) See you next week?

  4. I'll be there, BEST LINKY PARTY EVERRR!


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