Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Very Random Post

So last night we were feeling very bored. The past few days have been so cold it's been hard to do anything outside, we just want to stay cuddled up in our warm and cozy home.

The kids were starting to get hyper from being stuck inside so we decided to play a favorite game of ours 'hide and go seek'. First the kids would hide then it was Mommy and Daddy's turn.

The kids would go downstairs to count and Daddy would hide somewhere upstairs.

Like the closet.

Here come the kids.

It took them a little while but they finally found him.

They were having so much fun.

Daddy thought he could fool the kids by hiding under a blanket but it didn't take them long to find him.

He got jumped on.

The kids were able to get a lot of energy out from running all around and going up and down steps. 

 As we were all settling down I made the kids 'Special Drink' as I like to call it. I know, I'm just so creative.

All you need are:

2 cups, one larger than the other. The larger cup needs to be solid and the smaller cup needs to be clear.

Glow Sticks:

Next you need to fit the glow stick inside the larger cup like so:

Then you will fit your smaller cup inside the large cup and fill it with any type of clear drink.

Then turn off the lights and this is what you get.

Glow in the dark drinks. The kids love when we make these.

On another note, this is my breakfast this morning. I'm still working on my Goals for 2012 but I had a relapse. Yes, the crack is back.


I'm telling myself it's okay because I'm going to run 3 miles this afternoon ... in my head. I promise myself I will take the time to lay down on my couch and meditate on my 3 mile run. No, no, make it 5. It wont be easy but life isn't easy. During this time I'm going to make sure to envision myself sweating profusely and dropping approximately 25 lbs. while pretending I'm in the summer Olympics. I will be winning the gold medal and have the hugest smile as they play the Star Spangled Banner and place my medal over my head. The Olympics will be on the Fiji Islands where I'll be taking a dip in the ocean afterwards to cool down. I will then hop off my couch and feel extremely pleased with myself.

Heh... Got a little carried away there... Guess that's what a sugar rush will do to you...

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