Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I found myself snacking on Christmas Crack at 11:52 on Wednesday night. And by snacking I mean gorging. I also had it for breakfast this morning. I had to sneak it while my kids were eating cereal and hubby was still sleeping, ha ha suckas! I love you Christmas Crack and I pledge to never leave you sitting alone on the kitchen counter... you're welcome.

I'm still working out, in fact I still have to do my workout for today. I'm feeling a little discouraged but I'm not going to stop! At least I have my thighs clapping to cheer me on!

Could this be a result of the Christmas Crack you ask?? WE DON'T SPEAK OF THE CHRISTMAS CRACK!

It was crazy hair day! This is how Aubrey came out of the bathroom yesterday. I told her she looked beautiful and interesting and it was true.

Brandon is getting in his 2 year molars and he has been a grouch. He also has atomic boogers that look like they could glow in the dark.

This is his hiding spot although he really doesn't seem to get the concept of hiding. I just have to say 'where are you' and he says 'right here'.

We made cute snowmen. All you need is construction paper, glue and cotton balls. To make the coal I used a hole punch on black construction paper and then just glued them on. Super easy and the kids loved it. This is a good craft for any age, even I enjoyed it!

This was mine.


Brandon. For some reason Brandon's is reminding me of a terrier running in a field.

This past weekend we went to an amazing event called 'A Night in Bethlehem'. It was awesome. It was an interactive play. Hubby was working and I told myself I wasn't going to drag my 3 kids to stand in the cold all by my lonesome. Then as I was at the park a man approached me with a flyer and told me to come. So I did. And I was very happy I did. The kids were amazed and so was I. The Reformation Lutheran Church did such a great job.

They had live animals.

An interactive market to walk through.

Aubrey got to write her name with a feather.

This was Aubrey's favorite part, seeing Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

This is my kids new favorite indoor game, it's perfect for those cold or rainy days. It's called Egg Hunt and it's pretty much just my husband or I hiding eggs and then letting the kids find them. They love it!

We've been drinking a lot of these lately. Hot chocolate with whipped cream. So yummy.

This is Brandon with his 'boxing gloves' on. Too bad they were on Daddy's feet last night. Ewww grody!

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