Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daddy Draws Monster

A little girl walks up to her Daddy and asks him to draw her a picture of a monster. He comes up with something like this.
Aww, so sweet...

My little girl walks up to her Daddy and asks him to draw her a picture of a monster. This is what he comes up with.


AHHHH!!! Uh, Hun I dont' think that's quite what she meant.

 Aubrey actually loved this picture and put it on our fridge. Yeah, she is just awesome like that.

Toddler Aubrey

Jerry and Aubrey share a love for drawing, I'm so glad they do because it's something they can both do and enjoy together. Aubrey currently likes to draw rainbows, flowers, stick figures, grass, trees, and animals. Here are a few others that Jerry has colored for her.

One day Jerry and I want to make a children's book. I'll do the writing he does the pictures. We have big plans people, big. We also plan to win the lottery, I wonder which one will happen first?

On another note, we're having to pull out our coats and I don't like it!! Bring back that warm weather we were having. I love living in Virginia and I love the change in seasons but sometimes as a mother it's hard to see the warm weather go. It means less time outside, more time indoors and more headache for Mommy. As the kids get older I think winter gets harder. Finding indoor activities for a 4 year old and 2 year old who are bouncing off walls can be trying, especially ones to get all of their energy out. Oh well, it's December and we're still having good weather so I'm thankful for that. This was today -

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