Friday, December 23, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything!

Ohh, Emm, Gee!! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?? I'm kind of in shock, usually I'm pretty prepared for Christmas but this year it has snuck up on me. Last night I put my oldest 2 kids to bed and went out in the pouring rain with my sweet li'l lady to do some shopping. We went to Walmart (twice), Target and Kohls. Sometimes I think waiting until he last minute has it's perks. We found some good deals!

 This morning, I went out again to finish up. After I got home I started to realize that I had forgotten to get the annoying small things. Things like gift boxes and gift bags. I'm going to have to run out again at some point. Not to mention I have not wrapped one single thing. Whew!!

 I feel like I haven't really gotten to enjoy the Christmas spirit this year yet, so I'm promising myself that tomorrow I'm going to put away any worries, push my thoughts aside and concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas and my family.

In other news...

I found these awesome Cookie Tray Kits at the Dollar Tree. Everything you need to make a cute package. Also on a side note, I am LOVING the Dollar Tree!! They have everything!

I used them for none other than Christmas Crack and some chocolate covered pretzels that I made. I sent these off with Jerry for some of his fav co-workers.

Brandon was a Fireman up top, Princess down low.

If you can't tell, that's a high heeled princess shoe.

This is Emma...

She is not playin' around in that thing! She is bouncing so hard I had to put her tennis shoes on, don't want my baby spraining an ankle.

She is also smiling up a storm and starting to giggle.

Stickers, stickers, everywhere...

We had a cute visitor. I put him to work making me cookies.

Are these considered cookies?
Someone left the tag on one.

These candy cane kisses were sooo good. Hubby caught me sneaking them in the kitchen. I cried and said sorry candy cane kisses, I just can't quit you... and then continued to eat. He accused me of hiding them, but they were not hidden. All you had to do was lift up the stack of papers and unfold the Target bag they were in!!! Whatevs Hub, whatevs.

Love all these Christmas movies that are on. Especially enjoying the antics of Clark Griswold.

We made these M&M cookies this afternoon. We are going to eat a few and then save a few for Santa tomorrow night.

The kids have both learned to peel their own clementines. THANK GOODNESS! I was getting so tired of having to peel oranges all day long. On the other hand, now they wont stop and spend most of their day peeling by the trash can. I've had to hide the rest of them and ration them out.

Looks  like someone got lazy.

I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with one more post before Christmas! For now, I'm off to wrap presents while watching a movie with my hubby.

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