Monday, December 19, 2011

A Christmas Party

I was invited to a Christmas party on Saturday. It did not require a fancy dress or high heeled shoes, pajamas and slippers were just fine. I didn't have to do my hair or even brush it for that matter. There were no cocktails or 5 star meals. Music was simply listening to Christmas carols from the computer.

My kids brought toys out of corners and toy chests and made a mess of huge proportions. As I sat there I could feel my anxiety start to rise as I thought of the mess that I was going to have to clean up. Just when I was about to order them to stop my daughter came over and and whispered 'Mommy, we're having a party and it's for you'. I could feel my anxiety wash away and it was quickly replaced with the love and joy that only a child can give.

How often do I do this, I asked myself. How often do I let my emotion take over before I even give my children the chance to give me joy? Probably more often than I should.

I made sandwiches and chips and we sat on the floor at our party to eat them. I sat down and I enjoyed my kids company. No worrying about messes or when it was getting cleaned up. We had a great time, there was dancing and singing and my kids were so happy ... and so was I.


  1. I'm so glad that you're taking time to spend with your little ones. I think I failed sometimes in that department, I let other life issues get in the way.

  2. No Mothhherrrr, you always spent all your free time with us! You were at every single one of my games, I remember that!!!


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