Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Baby Is 4 Months Old (almost)

Emma is 4 months old tomorrow!!! Time is flying sweet baby girl. I took her to a Dr.s appointment on Tuesday, she was 15.11 lbs. No wonder I can't stop eating, I have to supply Chubbs with her 3 course meals. Emma, this is you right now:

You are a leaky faucet, the drool is taking over!

You love to pull my hair.

You have mad jumping skills.

You are not rolling over yet, only onto your side.

When you get excited you wiggle!

You give me hugs and curl into me.

You chew on anything you can get your hands on.

You are a homebody and will get fussy when you are somewhere different.

You have been staring at my food and trying to take it out of my hand for a few weeks. I've been giving you a little of this and that but today we sat you down and gave you some bananas. I will be making my own baby food. So today I just mashed up a ripe banana really well.

This is pretty much how that went down. It was kinda like Fear Factor baby style with bananas instead of meal worms.

You would take a bite and then push about 3/4 of it back out.

Then look at me like I was crazy.

Then you would look at Daddy and scream for help, with your eyes.

My Mamma's crazy! HELP!

Overall it went well! Now Mommy has to get to work building you a baby food stockpile 'cause we know how you like to eat!

In other news, Brandon was sick again overnight but has kept everything down since then. He's still been a little fussy today but I think he's getting over it.

Now Hubby seems to be getting a little sick. So, I'm taking advantage of him not being able to get off the couch by popping in a chick flick and forcing him to watch it with me. HAHA SUCKA!

'The Help' here we come!!!

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