Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Daily Life

What an interesting evening we have had so far! The kids had a surprise when my husbands best friend  showed up with some Christmas presents for them. Of course I forgot to get a picture but here is one from last Christmas.

Thanks Nick!

Brandon started getting super fussy and fell asleep at 5:30. I didn't think too much of it since it's been go, go, go for the last few days. He woke up about a half an hour later and was a big grouch so Daddy made him sit next to him on the couch while I started to make dinner. And by make dinner I mean eat and cook in between bites.
Since I'm shameless I'll show you my latest craving... Cream cheese... That's it. Just cream cheese. By the spoonful preferably. I can't stop people!!! HELP... I'm so sorry Jillian.

Anyway.... I made some plates for the kids and went to get Brandon off the couch to come eat and I noticed his arm was wet. Then I looked and saw that he had vomited all over the couch. Took him to the kitchen where he projectile vomited all over my floor. Yeah, it was bad. Poor guy, he was so upset. Rushed him to the bathroom and dunked him in the tub. I think he felt a lot better. After baths I tucked both kids in and read a book. His was asleep before I even left the room, which is unusual for him. I hope he's better tomorrow.

I also had another thing to add to my list of things to remember about this Christmas. About a week ago a commercial came on t.v. for toilet cleaner. Aubrey started getting excited and said 'Mommy, I know you want that for Christmas, I know you do"!!

That sad part... I really wouldn't mind getting toilet cleaner for Christmas, I would actually enjoy it. Apparently my kids know this.... Waaaahhaaa...what have I become? Hmmm... kinda reminds me of the days when we would get my Mom a vacuum cleaner or kitchen supplies. Oh, the glamorous life of a Mom, I love it.

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