Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top Ten

Love this kid!

Ok, I'm going to set the scene for you. Saturday afternoon, playground. Brandon walks up to a little boy and says in his sweet little voice

'You wanna be mah friend'

Little boy says:


My Mommy alarm goes off - OH, WHAT, WHAT!?!?!? I know you DIIII'IIIINNNNTT. That's okay, we didn't want to play with you NEWAYZ. See those hot wheels right there .... Oh yeah, all us. NO HOT WHEELS FOR YOU!!! Oh you like that My Little Pony??? Guess you shoulda said YES.

Ok, just kidding. I like all the kids at the playground even when they tell my sweet li'l man 'no' and we always share our toys. What really happened was I had to come to the rescue and play tag for awhile until he found another friend. It does make me wonder what will happen when one of my kids does come to me with hurt feelings. It's so hard not to be an overprotective Mom. I love my babies, I don't want their feelings getting hurt, especially when I'm not there to soothe them. OK, definitely need to work on that!!!! Jerry don't want no sissy's. That's what he says.

Anyway, I've compiled the top 10 reasons Brandon would make a good friend and I'm going to make them into cards that he can hand out on his first day of Kindergarten... What? Too much?

1. He's cute.
2. Great sense of humor.
3. Loves to play.
4. Great dancer.
5. He can play the drums.
6. Gives compliments.
7. Beautiful smile.
8. Would make a great wing man.
9. Likes football.
10. Has a cool Mom.

OK, guess I won't make him hand them out, I could just pin it to his shirt.

1 comment:

  1. Aww.....reminded me of when you only had "boy" friends as a little girl. Seemed that everywhere we livid it was all boys.


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