Friday, March 2, 2012

Grocery Haiku

I bought groceries,
Left with a headache and cramps,
Paid too much...Cuties.

I feel a  post on budgeting coming up...

Hope your Friday was cheaper than mine 

Happy weekend ♥


  1. Oh, Angie! Nobody WARNED you? Well, I'M going to because I LIKE you! GROCERY STORES ARE EVIL. EVIL, I say! They lure you in, whispering, "You need milk for your little ones. You can grab it and be on your way." But it's a LIE. Oh, yes. A BIG FAT LIE! The minute you step in you are assaulted by gloriously bright fruits and crisp-looking veggies, yummy baked goods whose aromas caress your nasal passages, overpriced household goods that cost 1/4 the amount in Target but look so freakin' CUTE & COLORFUL, dvds of movies so old NOBODY's ever HEARD of them, but - HEY! - they ARE on sale, you know. And somehow - SOMEHOW, Angie - you buy it ALL. Nine thousand seventy-six dollars and 28 cents later, you slink into your house & deposit your life savings worth of purchases on the table, and realize you never DID buy your poor, thirsty, lactate-deprived children any MILK. Grocery stores. They are EVIL. (And SHAME on your mother and best friend for never TELLING you that!)

  2. LOL, Kai! I agree with you, they are EVIL!! And, I almost ALWAYS forget to get something! Therefor I have to make the trip again the next day and spend even more money! Thank you for TELLING me, lol!


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