Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awesome Blog Alert

I found an awesome blog the other day, you must go now and check it out. 

Since we are hoping...praying....waiting on our future home I've been consumed with all things home and garden. We are making plans and dreaming dreams while we wait on the short sale we are trying to buy. 

Since I found this website I've been going there nonstop. It's everything to do with paint color. After living in a townhouse rental with nothing but white walls I cannot wait to paint the walls in our new house. 

Click here to check it out. It's called Favorite Paint Colors and it's so beautiful. It collects beautfiul pictures from all over blog land and combines them into one spot to feast your eyes on. 

It's perfect because it allows you to see the paint in a normal setting. 

So here are some colors I might paint the house that we don't have yet but maybe, possibly soon:

I am absolutely painting Aubrey and Emma's room this color. It's so beautiful, I love pale pink and I think it would fit them now as well as in the future when they are, dare I say it - TEENAGERS. It's called White Dogwood by Sherwin Williams.

Image Credit Here

How about this for a dining room? Beautiful.
It's called Secret Passage by Olympic Paint

Image Credit Here

I like this one for a dining room too, it's called Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart.

Image Credit Here

I think this color would be so pretty for the bathroom, it's Mountain Laurel by Benjamin Moore.

This would be perfect for Brandon's room, it's Blue Marguerite by Benjamin Moore.

So there you have it, now I'm going to get the paint. I just need the house!

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