Sunday, March 18, 2012


Birth Day...



Yes, I baked that cake. Don't judge!! I was still learning!!




My 'baby' turned 5 last Monday.

Dear Aubrey,

Everything I know about being a parent ... I've learned from you.

You taught me how to hold you and bathe you. 

How to rock you and soothe you.

How to change a diaper and swaddle flailing arms.

You taught me how to kiss a boo boo and make it better.

Even the times where I had no idea what to do,

you taught me. 

And as Daddy and I watched you grow, we grew as well.

When you walked we cheered and when you talked we laughed.

You are such a good big sister and we know you will continue to be an amazing role model for your brother and sister. God had a plan for you when he made you first born.

We love you so much,

Happy 5th Birthday!!


  1. Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT! Make an old girl cry before 9 A.M.! Seriously, that's such a beautiful post, and a lovely tribute to your gorgeous daughter! Note: My 'baby' will be 40 on Thursday. I'm STILL learning from her. Happy Birthday to your sweety!


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