Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Breakdown

If the before and after photo's of Aubreys 5th birthday party are any indication of how fun it was,

the party must have been craaaazzy fun. Just see for yourself:


Awww, so cute and sweet!!


Lawwwdy!! What the heck happened here??!!

This picture doesn't even show the devastation she did to her pretty dress.

Needless to say she had a wonderful time. She was so excited to come home and play with all of her nice things she received.

I wanted to do a butterfly themed party but also keep it really simple.

I purchased butterfly nets from Target, 1 for each child. These served two purposes, one was to be a party favor for the kids to take home and the other was for the kids to collect their cocoons in.

We had a cocoon hunt to go along with the butterfly theme. Basically it was Easter eggs but work with me here people. The kids ran around collecting the 'cocoon's' and put them into their nets.

Here were the 'cocoon's' which were filled with sticky hands, monster puppets and candy.

It was cute and fun and Aubrey said it was her favorite part.

I also purchased a lot of butterfly decor from the dollar tree. It was the perfect time to have a butterfly theme because they had all kinds of spring decor that had butterfly's on it.

If you've been on Pinterest I'm sure you've seen all the awesome rainbow cupcakes out there. Here are the ones I made :

Extremely cute and simple!

Make your cupcakes, after they have cooled completely you will want to color the majority of your icing blue for the sky. The rest you will leave white.

Layer on your 'sky' and then put two dollops of white icing on each side for the clouds.

I bought these Air Head Extremes at Target to use as the rainbows:

You can't get much easier than that!

Thank you to everyone that came and shared her special day with us, we are thankful for each and every one of you!


  1. We BOTH have birthday girls! (Only - sigh - mine turned 40 today.) Aubrey is one of my all-time favorite names (followed by Autumn - see an 'Au' theme going on here? LOL!) and YOUR Aubrey is truly a beauty! I'm so glad she had a good party! And dirt? Heck, that's why we have soap & water! (I always told my daughter that & my grandkids when THEY were children.) You went all out and made your sweet girl a beautiful memory. I say YOU ROCK!

    1. KAI! I loooove the name Autumn as well! I wanted to name Aubrey that but Hubby despises that name! Something to do with a high school stalker... LOL! Oh well, Aubrey it is! Happy Birthday to your 'baby' as well!


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