Monday, November 21, 2011

Time Warp!

      Five years ago, this girl and I were dreaming of what our sweet little babies were going to look like and planning their arrival.

     We were so excited that our babies were going to be so close in age (only weeks apart).

     This picture makes me laugh every time. Only a few weeks old and already great friends. Anyway, fast forward 5 years and we have still maintained our friendship and our kids love to play together. Today was a special day because Sean got to come spend the day with us. The kids were so excited to see him and be able to have a playmate for the day. I thougth I'd log just what our day was like .
      We started off with breakfast. At around 8:30 we headed down the street to our neighborhood playground. Please be advised that my kids had the pleasure of dressing themselves this morning and I'm not liable if my daughters outfit causes you to have a seizure. Let's just say pink and green will never be friends... EVER.

        After about an hour and a half of this:

       We were ready to go... okay, I was ready to go and bribed them to come with me. After lunch we had some crafting time. The kids got out our 'recycling bin', basically a basket with random craft items mixed with cardboard, paper, plastics and got to work. This actually occupied them for a good hour and this is what we came up with,

     Say what? Can't figure out what they are? They're castles people, castles! After that they had random playtime which included me blowing up balloons until I was ready to pass out while they laughed hysterically. Back outside we went to spend the rest of the day. Kids got out the chalk and went to work!

        Aubrey and Sean worked together to make this and then filled me in that it was an elephant drinking water. Cute huh!?
        We were so happy to have Sean here and I just can't help but remember them as babies and thinking about how fast time has flown by. Julia, our babies are not babies anymore!!! And I just had to post this last picture because whenever I look at Sean, this is what I see.

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