Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Big Scare

     I was going to write a post of what our day was like but something happened that stopped me in my tracks. I came home and turned on the computer only to find a virus. I went ahead and scanned with Malware and was able to remove the infected files. I restarted like I was prompted to. When my computer came back up I was shocked to find all of my photos/videos/files gone. I was left with nothing.
     I could have cried. I almost did. 5 years worth of photos and videos gone. For hours I tried to find them to no avail. Finally I seeked out my friend google and started researching. I found a couple of things online and was able to download some software to bring everything back. Apparently the virus had 'hidden' all my files and that's why nothing would come up.
    I am so thankful that they are all back. I know I shouldn't take so much stock in a photo but to me they are precious memories that could never be replaced. I think of my kids when they are older being able to look at these pictures and see things they may not remember. The way Mommy or Daddy held them when they were little or the small things we did that I may not be able to remember in 20 years. But a picture holds that memory forever, never to be forgotten.
     Lesson learned!!! I have already started backing up all my photo albums and plan to continue until they are all online. This may take awhile but it is sooooo worth it! After this all happened of course I went through some of the albums just to look and remember. Had to share at least a few!

Brandon at just a few weeks old, already laughing at Daddy.

Hmm, I think this one is self explanatory!

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