Friday, November 25, 2011

The Plan

For the most part I like to plan. I like to know what I'm going to be doing and what time I'm doing it. Needless to say my plans rarely, if ever go the way they should. This was the plan for today -

-Go to story time
-Get Christmas decorations out
-Clean up the entire house which is a complete mess
-Work on letters and sounds with Aubrey
-Fold and put away laundry
-Make cookies while we sing carols while making paper snowflakes and everyone is a complete angel and no one cries/pouts/pushes/hits/pulls/complains.

This is how the day actually went

-Wanted to go to story time but they decided not to have it today...something about it being the day after Thanksgiving
-Did NOT get Christmas decorations out
-Did NOT clean up entire house
-Did work on letters and sounds with Aubrey
-Did fold and put away some laundry
-PSHHH, you know we didn't do that last one. Instead we went to the park for 2 plus hours where I got to catch up with some old friends from high school. The kids got to go wild on the playground. At some point in the middle Aubrey came begging for a drink and since the water fountain at the playground was broken I told her to go to the bathroom and scoop some water in her hands and drink. Ummm, yeah that's just how the Testa family rolls. Later I was informed that this is how that went down:

Note - This is not actually Aubrey and said friend.

Note to self: teach Aubrey that friends are not for standing on and next time bring a water bottle.

So, things may not have gone according to plan but my kids were happy and I was feeling less stressed so all in all I'd say today was a success. I think tomorrow will be a perfect day for getting out those Christmas decorations and our tree! Well...that's the plan anyway!

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