Monday, November 28, 2011

Daily Life

Whew, we've been busy today and were able to get a lot of things checked off our 'to do list'. This morning we started by getting out all of our Christmas stuff. Hubby went outside to clean up our storage space and rearrange a few things so we could fit the giant T.V. that has been sitting in our living room in it. Brandon went outside with Daddy while I started cleaning up and making space for our tree. I was so thankful when Jerry came in with a Rubbermaid container full of baby/kids clothes. I thought that I had already combed through all of Aubreys old clothes to find winter pieces for Emma. Apparently I missed one so this was great to pull out a few more things that she could fit in.

Aubrey went outside to play, so me and my sweet li'l baby were left to ourselves. About a week and a half ago she couldn't even touch the floor when I put her in the bouncer. Now, she's not only touching the floor but she's bouncing! Wahhhhh, she's growing so fast!!! Here's a video, she was too busy smiling to really bounce.

Jerry finished with the lights outside. Apparently while he was busy with the lights the kids were getting filthy and finding worms in the mulch. Upstairs they went for a quick bath. Once everyone was clean we started with the tree. It was so fun seeing their expressions and excitement over the lights and all of the ornaments. It was so cute watching them put up ornaments. Brandon kept putting them all on the same branch and Aubrey just liked putting the hooks on.

This is our $20 tree we bought in our first apartment. Hubby has promised me a real tree when we move into our new home!

After we were finished with decorations and the tree we had some down time. Then we headed to the park. This weather has been crazy! It was 71 today in Virginia. Jerry headed to the small pond to fish while the kids and I headed to the skate park. They would much rather play on the skate park than the actual playground. This thing plus a bouncy ball equals fun for at least 45 minutes and exhausted kids! Win, win!

After that we headed over to the playground and to see how Hubby had done. He came over carrying this thing. As you can see he was very proud! 

We throw all these fish back.

The kids played, he fished and everyone was happy. We came home so Hubby could show us his light show. He did a great job on the lights outside. I would post a picture but the one that I took barely came out. This was our life today and it was good.

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