Monday, April 2, 2012

Daily Life

I'm so backed up on updating the little tid-bits of our life but here are a few things that I've had a chance to write down.

Our friend Sean turned the big FIVE! The kids had a great time at his birthday party making bunny ears and superhero masks.

My boy thought for sure he was Spiderman.

The weather has been fantastic and the park is a daily routine for us. 

MOPS had their annual Easter Egg Craft and Hunt.

Checking out their goodies.

The Cherry Blossoms in our yard blossomed. It was gorgeous for about two weeks until they all started dropping and it looked like it had snowed. Not to mention covering our cars and I'm still finding petals in the house.

View from the kids room.

Above the front door.

Aubrey bought a bike from birthday money that she recieved. They love going on evening bike rides.

Right now the kids are obsessed with The Power Rangers. It's all I hear about all day long. 

This was Brandon's ninja pose.

Aubrey had her first soccer game on Saturday. It was so cute seeing all the little kids playing.

She scored twice and all the kids did a really great job. I love how the emphasis not on the score but on just having fun! She loves it!

Today the big news was that the loose tooth that Aubrey has had for weeks finally came out. It was litterally hanging on by a thread but she wouldn't pull it out and she wouldn't let us do the door slamming routine.

So I did what any awesome Mother would do and told her to let me look at it.

And then I ripped it out with my fingers.

She cried for a few minutes from shock but she was happy after that.

The tooth fairy just visited and left her with some lip gloss!


  1. Oh, my gosh! My dad used to tell me the same thing when I had a loose tooth! lol "Just let me look at it." Then he'd rip it out. But the sad thing is, I fell to it very time! lol How gullible was I?

    1. Haha! Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only parent who's done that! Now I don't feel so bad Lol!


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