Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Aside from all the house worry, we really did have a wonderful summer. We had so much fun spending time together.

Early in the summer we went to Kings Dominion. We had such a blast!! The kids were in loooove and could not stop smiling.

I love how Emma's belly is overlapping her shorts in that one!

Aside from all the rides, Kings Dominion had a new thing going on called Dinosaurs Alive. It was so amazing. They created life size dinosaurs that moved and roared. Very cool, Brandon loves dinosaurs so he was especially happy to see these. 

That guy was HUGE! They even had a big sand pit where you could dig up dinosaur bones.

I would have to say Brandon's favorite part of the whole park was the bumper cars. He and Aubrey must have rode those things at least 50 times. They would get in, ride, hope off and get right back in line. He could not stop smiling!

I was really scared that Emma would be fussy since a lot of the time she would have to be in her stroller. I was so wrong, she was so great and happy.

After the kids enjoyed riding all the kids rides they could Hubby decided it was time for Aubrey to ride a 'real' roller coaster. So he found one that wasn't too bad and up they went. Aubrey hated it and came back crying!! She just was not ready for that. 

We spent a lot of time at the pool and Aubrey can officially swim on her own. She worked really hard and about mid summer was swimming like a fish in the deep end. 

Brandon loves to just bob in the water with his floaties.

Big chunky loves her pool time.

There was the fair.

The museum where they were able to crush corn like in the old days. 

Lots and lots of fishing.

Aubrey and her bestie Ava made the bible school rounds and had a wonderful time. Brandon wanted to go so bad but he was just not old enough this year. It gave me a preview of life with her in school.

Hubby's work had a huge picnic for the employees.

Aubrey had fun getting sprayed by the fire trucks.

Emma on her first moon bounce.

I'm sure I'm missing some things but the majoring of summer was spend with just us together. My favorite thing.


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