Tuesday, September 25, 2012


About a week after we moved into our new home we welcomed a new addition to our family. 



This is where I found him this evening when I turned on the bathroom light. This is also the exact reason I love cats, they have so much personality. 

Copper really is a sweetie! We adopted him from our neighbor who's cat had kittens. He is very sweet with the kids, even when Emma manhandles him before I can pry her off of him.

He was meant to be an outdoor only cat but of course it hasn't worked out that way. He likes to go outside with us but he also likes to come right back inside when we do. 

So far he's been stuck in a tree at least twice, he's caught us a butterfly, grasshopper and his newest critter today was a small lizard. 

The gross part is that somehow Brandon got ahold of this lizard and was toting it around like a new pet. Once I realized what he was doing I went outside to freak out and hose him down but apparently it had not been dead like we thought and had scampered away. EEEEWW!

Aubrey is Coppers 'Mommy' and she carries him around just like a baby. She's been doing pretty good about taking care of him and litter box duties. 

Things I don't like:

This cat passes gas like crraaaazy! It's soooo gross!! Not to mention the smell when he actually does a number 2. I seriously have to turn on the fan in the bathroom every single time. 

Cat litter all over the bathroom floor. 

All in all he's really been the perfect addition and we love him so much already. 1 dog, 1 cat ... Now, onto the chickens!!!

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