Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Beautiful Morning (so far)

What a beautiful morning!! The weather is pppeeeerrrrfect!! It's so gorgeous outside, the temperature is amazing!

This morning was a little rushed, Aubrey has her first ever picture day! Oh my, what to wear? How to do her hair? Hubby wanted me to do somthing fancy smancy with her hair, so what did I do? 

Ponytail all the way! 

After Aubrey was off to school, we did a little cleanup and then went outside.

Brandon showed off his tree climbing skills!

I'll give you a cookie if you can find the cat in the above picture!

Emma is still cute and all over the place. We have a nice big yard but where does she want to play? The gravel road.

I bought this beautiful mum at the store for $3.50. It puts me in the fall mood.

I got all the trash together for Hubby to take to the dump later. Yes, dump! Country living means no trash service. 

I am so thankful for this beauty that surrounds us. 

But not for this huge massive ugly creepy spider that we found. 

We are also on acorn overload! They are everywhere, millions of acorns!! When you walk outside you need to be careful so you don't get knocked out by one falling from one of these tall trees. 

I'm happy it's Friday. I get to have my girl home all day with me for the next two days!!


  1. Precious memories! So glad the kids are being kids and enjoying their big outdoors.

  2. I found the cat, lol. And loving this weather too, just not the allergies part I'm starting to get :)
    Don't you just love having to take your trash away? I had to get used to not having the town trash service too, luckily we've got 2 dumpster sites close by. { ps - wild critters (and Boone, the cats ...) will get into your trash if you leave it out very long. we were awoken at 6am one morning to Boone, on our back deck, ripping through our trash bags to get the chicken scraps. we also had a raccoon come up one night and get into the bags, john scared him, and the raccoon ran off with a ravioli can stuck to his foot. :) }

  3. I guess I had better start making those cookies, lol. Taking the trash was an adjustment but like you said, it's not too bad since the dumpster is close by.

    So far we have only had our trash ripped apart once! ::crossing fingers::

    I have yet to see a raccoon but if I see one with a ravioli can I'll know where he came from, lol!

    P.S. We still need a baby playdate!

  4. Haha! We haven't seen the raccoon come back. And John was really hoping he would, he put his bb gun by the door and everything.
    That picture is too cute though, look at Brandon and his awesome tree climbing, and the cat giving you the stare-down.
    We do need to have a baby play date soon. :)


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