Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why I Love Starbucks and EBay

If you have read my blog before you probably know that last spring I started selling things on Ebay to make some extra money.

Oh my! I loooove it! It's so much fun and I can do it in my PJ's! 

I wanted to share with you my best sale so far.

I was in a small thrift store in my hometown just browsing and trying to find some inventory. I always scan the coffee mugs because some of them can sell very well and they're just fun to look at. Who doesn't love coffee??

So there I am and I just happen to catch a glimpse of a nice thick mug that looks like it could bring in a profit. I pry it off the back rack and was delighted to see it was a Starbucks cup. 

I myself rarely go to Starbucks but I know that a lot of people love it and also collect Starbucks mugs. The mugs feature different cities and countries around the world and apparently from what I read you can only by a city mug in that exact city. 

So I scooped it up not knowing if it would actually bring a profit or not but willing to take the chance.

Guess how much I paid for it?? GUESS!

.50 cents!!! 

So I get home and I start researching to see if I had picked up a winner or a dud. After a few minutes it looked as if this cup was definitely a dud. There had been a few to sell here and there but none with any major profit.

So I set it down and went on to do something else. Later that day for some reason I picked it up again and decided to do some research one last time. 

Thank you God! 

This mug was from Seattle and looked a whole lot like a different mug that was also from Seattle. When I had first looked it up I had gotten it confused with the other mug. So the second time I found the actual mug that I had purchased and I almost fainted.

The last mug of this kind to sell, sold for


I was pretty much doing back flips by this point and could not wait to get this thing listed for auction. 

I went ahead and did a 7 day auction. I was hoping to get $200, hoping! Mine was the only mug for sale at the time so I thought it was possible.

As the bidding started going up I started doing a little happy dance. Hubby and I could not stop checking the computer to see what the highest bid currently was.

Finally as the listing ended I was overjoyed to see my mug sold for....


I kid you not!! My .50 cent thrift store investment made me a huuuuuge profit!! 

Not only that but the buyer even payed their own shipping charges. 

Ever since then Ebay and I have been in luuurve! 

So, if you ever see this mug anywhere



  1. Dang! Just ... dang!
    So, uh, what day do you go deal hunting?? {I'm thinking I need to go the day before you ;) }

  2. Lol! Trust me, this was a rare find! Haven't found anything even close to making such a profit since then!


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