Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We've just been outside and my goodness it feels fantastic! What amazing weather we are having. Although it has been a dilemma for me every morning waking up and trying to figure out how to dress Aubrey for school. In the morning's it's pretty chilly but by the afternoon it's been around eighty. 

Is this your favorite time of the year? I'm not sure if I would classify it as my favorite, I think spring is is the one for me. But I do love October. I looooove it. 

It's so beautiful with the changing trees and colorful leaves. The nice cool feeling when you walk outside and realize 'this is the perfect temperature, no need for a jacket but just cool enough to bask in the sunlight without breaking out in sweat'.

We have been busy raking. It's never-ending ! I promise we had raked the entire back yard this past weekend and now it's worse than ever.

Our property is mostly tree's so I guess I had better get used to it and to be honest, I kinda love it. I actually do enjoy raking for some insane reason. It's extremely therapeutic and a nice arm workout. 

One of my outside projects that I've been wanting to start is to clear a nice path in the woods. I figured no better time than the present. I'm very excited about it! We have a big yard but the kids and I love walking in the woods so I wanted a nice clear path for us to go walking. I would like to do one all the way around our property.

My hip baby.

My little Power Ranger, wearing his big smile. He always wants me to look around and point out the 'monsters' so he can go beat them up.

He hates shoes...


Loves leaves...

And especially jumping!

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