Friday, October 19, 2012

Try This at Home Remedy!

It's Frrriiiiddaaayyy!!

Brandon and Emma both have a cold and cough, so we're dealing with various amounts of snotty noses and hacking coughs. It's pretty nasty outside so I'm very happy to stay inside today and cuddle my babies and have some indoor activities.

MMMMM, I'm thinking Hot Chocolate time!!

I also finally tried a home remedy I've been wanting to try for a long time. 

I had read that if you rub Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottom of your feet and throw some socks on, it will suppress coughing.

I thought 'yeah, right'. It's seems too simple to be true. So last night when Brandon woke up in the night with an awful, uncontrollable cough I headed to the medicine cabinet and broke open the small bottle of goodness.

IT WORKS!!! Crazy but true, it really does work. I have no idea why or how but I just know it worked and I'm going to the store to stock up! It was amazing, after about 5 minutes Brandon was peacefully sleeping with no coughing. 

They are now called the magic socks and they are awesome!

The label says not for use in children 2 and under so I have not tried it with Emma. I may ask the Doctor about it though. 

Now... Does anyone have the home remedy for chunky thighs???? 


  1. No way! My mom has told me that before and I laughed about it. I think I looked it up on Snopes, too. Hey, if you say it works, then it works!

  2. you're so funny! I'm goon keep this in mind for the next cough.

  3. :) I've seen this too, on a baby page somewhere. There is a 'baby Vicks', I just got some to have on hand for baby John. I found it in the pharmacy/medicine section at Walmart, but it's also in the baby section at Target. It has less of the menthol in it, and also has some lavender or something to help sooth them to sleep. {I did it for him one day and put socks on him, it seemed to help some with his stuffiness, but his nose was also less stuffy during the day time anyway)

  4. Thanks for the tip Amy, I need to get some of that for Emma!!

    It has worked well for Brandon but I have tried to use in minimally. I am definitely going to try it on myself the next time I have a bad cough.

    1. I only used the baby kind once, we have used the vaporizer a few times for him, and a few baths with the bubble bath for colds (the minty smelling stuff). I need to find a homemade version for adults :)


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