Thursday, October 4, 2012

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My sweet baby has been sick! Last week she started with a fever on and off. I thought it was must have just been a virus since it went away over the weekend. 

When it started coming back this week, hubby and I immediately knew what it was.

Urinary Tract Infection.

This is the first time Emma has ever had one but Aubrey has had a few. I'm shaming myself because I should have realized last week what it was. 

She had the same symptoms that Aubrey gets. On and off fever, excessive drinking and urinating, tiredness. I'm so mad at myself for not realizing it sooner but I thought 'no way, she's only 1'. 

Of course getting a UTI has no age limits. 

Aubrey has had 2 severe UTI's and for the second she needed antibiotic injections in both legs to shut it down. The next day she had a renal ultrasound and thank God everything checked out okay. 

Did I mention I hate giving the kids antibiotics?? I am very stingy with medication but I know it's what she needed. 

So Emma is getting oral antibiotics once a day. She has already started feeling better which makes me happy but every time I have gone to the Dr. for this problem I get so scared.

Especially when the Dr starts talking about kidney scarring and urinary reflux. 

I'm so thankful that Aubrey has not had one for over a year now!! 

So now I get to worry about Emma. 

Do you know how difficult it is trying to get urine from a one year old? I crawled behind her all morning holding a small cup between her legs -- NOTHING!! 

Thankfully someone out there knows what it's like and invented a cool little contraption that you can just stick around those parts that has a bag attached. 

 I just don't get why it's happening, especially when it has affected both my girls. She has a follow up appointment in 2 weeks and I'm really going to quiz the Dr. on why he thinks it may be happening and if there is anything we can do about it. I'm trying not to freak out because I know it's not uncommon at all. 

On another note, Aubrey may need glasses. She failed her eye exam that the school gave her. She also didn't do too well on the exam at her last wellness visit. 

My eyesight is pretty good but Hubby is supposed to wear glasses even though he never does.

Have a great evening everyone, I'm off to relax!!

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