Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In Which ... We Are Sad

It was a bitter sweet weekend for us. 

The sweet was that we were able to spend a fun day with family on Saturday. Jerry's cousin was having a birthday party and his Uncle who lives in California was visiting. We had a great time catching up with everyone and the kids were in heaven playing with cousins. 

The bitter, was oh so sad.

Our sweet baby boy kitty was hit by a car. We are devastated. We always make sure he is inside at night but for some reason on Friday night we left him outside. I'm so upset with myself, I wish I would have just made sure to let him in.

He was so special to us and fit so perfectly with our family. He was such a precious boy and we miss him so much that our hearts are aching. Emma would pick him up and pinch him but he would never bite or swat at her. He would climb trees with Brandon and walk Aubrey to the bus in the morning. He was the best.

On Sunday Aubrey drew this same picture over and over again...

We just sat around all day and talked about him and missed him. I still look for him on our porch and then I remember that he won't be there.

We just loved him so much...

We told Aubrey that he had gone back to his Mommy because she just missed him so much and wanted him to come back and that he was very happy.

I think it helped for her to think of him happy but she still says she wants him back.

We are planning on getting another kitty, not to replace our sweet Copper but just to help fill the void he left.

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