Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Here We Go Again

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

We spent Friday evening and Saturday morning on the soccer field. The Blue Hawks won their game and Aubrey was very happy!

This was Friday at soccer practice. It's so beautiful!

After that we thoroughly enjoyed our lazy Saturday.

Saturday evening came in with a bang though. Aubrey started complaining of stomach pain and painful urination and shortly after her fever spiked.

I immediately knew we were dealing with another urinary/kidney/bladder issue. I gave her some meds to make her comfortable and bring down the fever. I was hoping to make it to Sunday morning so we could go to urgent care instead of the ER but no such luck.

At around 5am after a dose of meds, she started vomiting and of course the meds came up with it. At that point it became an emergency because I knew her fever was going to spike without medication.
So we headed out to the ER to get some help. Once we were there her fever was at almost 102 and by the time they had gotten meds into her and taken her temp again it was at 103.5. Which didn't scare me too much because the last time this happened her fever spiked to almost 106 degrees. The Dr and Nurses could not believe it and kept taking it to make sure it was correct (it was). That was the time she had to have a double injection of antibiotics in both legs.

So this time she only had to have one injection. They tested her urine and of course she did have an infection. They sent us home with antibiotics, anti nausea and a schedule for pain and fever reducer. They sent the urine out for culture.

So here we are on Tuesday and she is still having a high fever if she does not take Tylenol or  ibuprofen every three hours. 

So back to the Dr we went. The bad news is the urine has not cleared up like the Dr thinks it should and along with the high fever she fears that Aubrey is not as sensitive to the antibiotics as she should be.

The good news is that we finally got the referral that we have been wanting. Aubrey will be going to see the urologist and hopefully we can figure out what is causing these infections.

Here are my two cute girls at the Dr's office today! The strange thing is that as long as she is taking her pain meds you would never know she was not feeling well. It does a good job of masking all the symptoms but by the time we got home it had been 4 hours since her last dose and her fever was already getting high. 

To think of a UTI you automatically assume its not too much of a big deal but when you start hearing the word kidneys getting thrown around is when you get worried, especially if it is your baby.

So we will see what happens. I am just waiting to hear from the Dr to find out when our appointment is. Until then they have switched her to a different antibiotic to hopefully get rid of the infection. 

Aubrey has already missed two days of school this week and unless this antibiotic kicks in with a quickness she will most likely miss again tomorrow. Hopefully she can be back on Thursday to catch up on all of her work.

So until then we are spending lots of time with Harry, Ron and Hermione. 

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  1. So sorry to hear, I will keep her in my prayers. Let us know what you find out.....Mom


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