Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekend Review

The kids and I had the beeest weekend! Hubby had to work so we were on our own to entertain ourselves.

Aubrey had a soccer game on Saturday morning. It was so hot! It is not okay for it to be 90 degrees in October!

The field where Aubrey plays is also next to an airport and on Saturday's they have skydiving. It's so cool to see all the beautiful parachute's glittering the sky! I tried to catch a few photo's. 

It's so funny to watch the kids because some of them will stop in mid-kick and look up into the sky! 

On Sunday we spent the day at Graves Mountain Lodge for their annual Apple Harvest Festival. We met up with 2 of our favorite people. I have wrote about my friend Julia before, she and I have been friends for many years now and were even pregnant with out first babies together.

We spent the day playing in the stream, listening to bluegrass and catching up. If you don't live in Virginia, you need to come visit. Like now, right now. It is gorgeous! Just driving through the hills and ridges to get to the festival was an adventure in itself. The tree's are in full fall color now and it is amazing.

These kids were completely drenched by the time we left. They went from tiptoeing on rocks to full out swimming in this beautiful stream. 

Isn't this just picturesque? 

The kids and I came home with a box of delicious fresh picked apples from the orchard.

 Don't you love the word orchard? There is just something about it that screams fall and crackling leaves and perfect weather. 

 Check back tomorrow for a delicious fall recipe. 

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