Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Forever Home

I am writing today with a happy heart! 

Our dream has come true. A dream that we've wanted so badly but seemed to just be beyond our grasp so many times. 

We are going to be homeowners!!

Now before I get too ahead of myself, we still have the inspection and closing to think and pray about. But, as long as nothing pops up we WILL be homeowners.

I ... am ... ecstatic!

This is what we have been working towards for many years. We have been disappointed and felt defeated so many times but it's now here, right here for us to take. 

I am so proud of my husband and myself. It has not come easy for us and we've had a few setbacks but we never gave up. We never stopped trying and hoping and praying. We never stopped.

I am so grateful that we have the home that we have right now. We rent a little townhouse on the corner of a subdivision and I'm just so thankful for it. I am grateful for a roof over our heads and warm beds to sleep in. I'm thankful for the clutter and our tiny living room, I'm thankful because I know so many do not have those things. 

And although I'm so thankful for it, it never stopped me from praying for our 'forever home'. Something of our own that we could all have some space. And as I put my babies to bed tonight I thought of our future without cars playing loud music driving by as I'm trying to put my 8 month old to sleep. Or people yelling to each other from across the parking lot at midnight. 

I thought about being able to say 'YES' when my kids asked me to go outside and play by themselves instead of always having to say 'NO, wait until Mommy can come out with you', because of worrying about cars flying by and strange people walking through. 

Now... I get to say 'yes'!! I'm so thankful to say YES! Yes, you can go outside and play and run and be free and dig in the dirt and I will not have to worry about who is walking around in my yard or the cars speeding by. I can say yes!!

Thank you God, I can say yes... 


  1. Oh so happy for you! It reminded me of when you and Tone were little, you would go outside to play in the sandbox and who knows what else but always come in dirty but happy! I still have photos of you both looking like piggies!

  2. Thanks Mom!! Yeah, I guess all kids are similar in that way! Aubrey and Brandon, Brandon especially can go outside and manage to find dirt/mud anywhere and everywhere he goes!

  3. It warmed my heart knowing you and your sweet family are headed toward a home of your own. Strangely, I was in my 50s before I ever really THOUGHT of owning. I'm nearly 62 now & pretty certain it's never happening. But I am thrilled for YOU! I will keep good thoughts for you that your inspection & all the paperwork breeze through and you are settled in before you know it! Big smiles headed your way!

    1. Aww, thank you Kai! That means so much to me and your positive thoughts are certainly appreciated!!!


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