Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Three Bag Challenge

Last week I was feeling in the mood for some Spring Cleaning. I have been noticing for awhile the mass amount of books we have that seem to be taking over. So I went through and picked out the ones that don't ever get read and the ones that were torn and abused.

It felt gooood to clean up the book clutter.

Then a couple days ago I once again became completely overwhelmed by the tiny toy clutter. You know the tiny toys? The ones you step on in the middle of the night, the ones you get in happy meals or in birthday goody bags. Yeah those annoying little toys that seem to make their way onto the floor at all times.

So I challenged myself to fill up one bag per kids room of toys/clothes, basically anything that didn't get played with or that was outgrown. It was such a great feeling to get a little more organized and have less clutter. I used the small shopping bags since I had already done a clean-out the week before but you could even use a garbage bag. I'm already thinking of applying this to my bedroom, the bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen. It's quick and it makes you feel accomplished. Try it!! 

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