Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daily Life

This weather has been so crazy! One day we're huddled inside with three layers on and the next day we're outside with no jackets on. Monday was nice enough for us to spend some time outside.

This cute little guy is mine. I made him ... in my belly. Cute smile, button nose, yep that's all me (I guess I should give a little credit to the Hubby).

I can't get him off his mo'cycle as he calls it. It plays all kinds of songs but one of his favorites is 'I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World'. Not kidding, he plays it as he goes up and down the sidewalks of our neighborhood.

Aubrey ended up getting 'The Stomach Rot' as I now refer to it. She spent most of Tuesday just like this on the couch. Thankfully, she was over it pretty quickly and was feeling much better by the end of the day.

We saw the first few real snowflakes of winter.

My baby is so close to rolling over. I'm having to remind myself to give her some time on the floor instead of carrying her around everywhere.


A few days this week it was so cold we were stuck inside cuddling under blankets. The kids were bouncing off walls and I was ready to pull my hair out. I was so happy to have a play date at the park yesterday while it was nice. Jenny and Ava, you saved us from the winter doldrums.

My baby sat in the sun and looked at me like this. If this isn't a sassy face I don't know what is. She looks like she's posin' for her Facebook picture.

Aubrey is on her way to reading. We have been working on 'at' words and I really think she is understanding the concept of putting sounds together.

She writes me cute little notes like this.

I'm loving the beautiful winter sunsets.

During some of the too cold for outside days we broke out some of the board games the kids received for Christmas.

Today we made Gak.

And this is where it ended up. Stuck to a blanket.

We spent the afternoon at the park and it was glorious. 65 in January, I'll take it!! Have a great weekend everyone. 


  1. cute. Brandon looks like he's really enjoying his ride. Did Santa bring that to him?
    Love to read about you guys!

  2. Jerrys parents gave it to him for Christmas! He's so funny riding it!


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