Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vacuuming E Card

I was just vacuuming and felt the extreme need to make this e Card:

Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!

Daily Life

We are better! I'm so thankful for a healthy family! 

Thanksgiving was amazing. We were able to spend time with both sides of our family and we enjoyed every moment of it. 

I remembered to snap a few pictures at my Moms house but completely forgot the camera at the In Laws. We really had such a great day, I'm so thankful for both sides of our family!

Brandon is all over the place! He has hit his head at least 3 times in the last week. You can see the front bump in this picture and he also launched himself from his bed and knocked the back of his head on one of the boards. He freaks me out!! No matter how many times we go over with him that he should not be jumping, no matter how many tears that flow, he just does not stop!

I might just get him a helmet for Christmas.

We are STILL working to complete our living room project. I was sick and then hubby was sick so it took the gusto right out of us. Tomorrow we are taking a trip to Lowes to get some supplies and hoping to have this project wrapped up in the next 3 days.

I can't wait to post pictures!!

We have put out most of our Christmas decor. This is our first year doing Elf on the Shelf and we already loooove it! It's so much fun and the kids get excited about finding the Elf every morning.

This is Jolly.

I recently read these books. Very good mysteries if you can get past some of the weird parts.

This is Emma's room. It is the messiest room in the entire house. Emma does not like for it to be clean, every time it gets cleaned she is ready right behind me to take it all apart.

Aubrey loves to read to Emma in the evenings, it's so sweet.

Off to do some cleaning! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

We Are Sick Yall!!

Oh My Goodness!!

We've been sick yall! Aubrey missed school on Thursday and Friday because she had a fever and cold.     Somewhere around Friday night things got real.

Emma woke up in the middle of the night. I walked into her room and was appalled by what I inhaled. 

It was bad, I'm talkin' dirty diaper bad. 

After a changing and some fresh air she was fast asleep. I hopped back in bed but something just wasn't right. I could feel my insides churning. 

At that point I heard crying from upstairs "Mommy, Mooooooommmmmyyyyy!!! I fro'd up!!!"

Brandon was at the top of the steps crying and barfing. I was able to clean him up and get him back in bed. Then I started the clean up process but let me tell you:

It's counterproductive to clean throw up when you need to throw up. 


Anyway, I was finally back in bed when the process reaped it itself about 2 more times. At around 4 AM both Aubrey and Brandon were on the downstairs couch watching a movie and I was trying to sleep. 

That day was bad. Reeaal bad. 

Uhh, do you remember my post from last years stomach bug?? Thankfully it did not even compare to that day. 

So that's pretty much how Saturday went. Sunday, we thought we were feeling better so we had a play date in the park. 

Then today came. 

Woke Aubrey up for school and she kept telling me she wasn't feeling well. I truly thought it was only because she was tired and didn't want to get up. Well.. I was wrong!

Received a call from the school at 10:30 saying Aubrey had thrown up in class. So no school for her the rest of the week. 

I hope we all start feeling better before Thanksgiving, I'd hate to have to quarantine ourselves but I don't want to spread our sickness either. 

But darn, if we're still sick that means I actually have to cook on Thanksgiving. Something I've manage to avoid for .... ever. We've got Tuesday and Wednesday to get our act together!! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Interesting Day

It's been an interesting day. I woke Aubrey up this morning for school and she claimed sickness. The thermometer told me she was telling the truth, so she stayed home today. 

Emma actually slept in this morning! I was so busy singing 'Hallelujah' that I missed seeing her vomit all over her new outfit. Which was followed by 2 more outfits and the kitchen floor. 

This was her all morning...

Thankfully she went down for her nap and woke up feeling much better. 

I was so torn. I didn't want to make the day too much fun and make Aubrey want to stay home everyday. At the same time we were kinda bored so we went ahead and did some activities. 

Gak/Goop/Slime. One of our all time favorites. 

Here's a tip: If you have a messy toddler, like me. Give them a big bowl, it helps to keep the slime contained and their area clean.

We made some Thanksgiving cards and a couple of other crafts. About halfway through this the kids started arguing and fighting with each other so much that I was about to scream. Aubrey was super irritated because her fever was going back up and Brandon was playing the part of the annoying little brother. It's his favorite role, he's considering writing an instructional booklet.

 Aubrey ended up taking a long nap and woke up with a high fever. School tomorrow?? Not sure yet. 

I made some yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Hubby and I also are on the verge of completion of our living room project. I am SOOO EXCITED about it and can't wait to share it!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Diaper Wedgie

I just heart diaper wedgies.

They are sooo stinkin' cute!!!!!!!

I let Emma walk around like this all morning yesterday. I just couldn't pick it out, it was way to adorable!

I don't know what I'm going to do when I don't have any babies wearing diapers and having wedgies.

Maybe I can talk Hubby into humoring me... or not.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

E-Card Wednesday!!

It's time for a new segment here on Ahhh Mom!

E-Card Wednesday, where I make light of myself and my life. 

Here is my first creation, sad but painfully true!!

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