Monday, January 2, 2012

My Bathroom Hates Me

It was 10 AM yesterday morning and it hit me. I felt nausea's and faint and everything was hurting. I was sick! I spent the rest of the day on the couch barely able to move. It ... was ... bad.

Happy New Year to me, woo hoo!

I don't think I've ever been so sick in my life. Stomach virus, stomach flu I'm not sure what it was but I have never experienced anything like it. Things were coming out of me that just ain't right!! The worst part was that Jerry was working so it was me, myself and I here to take care of the kids. 

I turned on the T.V. and resumed my half conscious state. I'm not usually one to turn on the T.V. to entertain the kids but there was no avoiding it yesterday. I'm so thankful that Aubrey is old enough to help out. She made snacks and drinks for herself and Brandon. Poor Emma was forced to lay with me on the couch for most of the day.

I know my bathroom thought it was in trouble because it was getting punished. Yes, I said it... PUNISHED. Think 'Bridesmaids' the bathroom scene. If you've never seen it then rent it and you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

 I put the kids to bed at 7:30 and then crashed in my own bed. Let's just say the night time was no better. I said prayer after prayer that I would feel better in the morning and that no one else would become sick.

Thank you God that I woke up this morning and felt so much better. A little weak but better. So far no one else seems to be sick and I hope that it stays that way.
I had been feeling nausea's and dizzy since Christmas and I guess it finally came to a head.

Anyway, Happy New Year!! I hope your celebration was better than mine!!

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