Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lets Talk Potty Talk

Potty talk is big in our house right now. BIG. It seems as though every other sentence has a bum, butt, pee pee, poo poo or bum-cheek (made up word by my kids) in it. 

Any one of those words can be a gateway to at least 10 minutes of hysterical laughter. It goes a little something like this:

Brandon: HAHA, I got a BUMCHEEK

Aubrey: HAHA






Aubrey: POOP



And that's just the first minute. Of course I go through the usual

'That's innapropriate'

'You know you're not supposed to talk like that'


I must say. I enjoy a little bathroom humor myself. Just being honest! Who doesn't like a good 'the time I pooped my pants story'. C'mon, I know some of you may be scoffing right now but I know you would laugh  just like anyone else if you heard a good pooped the pants story. YOU KNOW YOU WOULD. Right?

Ok, please do not tell me I'm the only one who laughs at these things.

???? Please????

While I don't find the word butt or pee very funny, I do laugh when my kids fart... On the inside.

I know better than to laugh out loud because it will open a whole new can of worms. I think if they knew I thought it was funny we would live in a constant state of gas passing potty talk.

Is this a parenting secret or what? Not letting our kids know we think a little bathroom humor is funny too.

I mean, I don't ever remember my Mom laughing at these things... Or did she???? I must ask her these questions one day. Speaking of my Mom, she's probably cringing while reading this ... OR IS SHE??

I have a very vivid memory when I was in 1st grade. Everyone was sitting around, Indian style, while our teacher read us a book. Out of nowhere the girl in front of me lifted her knee up and let loose a thundering fart!! NO ONE batted an eye! I was dying on the inside, DYYYIIINNNGGG people. I wanted to laugh so BAD!!! But I didn't. And you are welcome for that, gas passing 1st grader.

All I could think of was how her parents must be very open to farting. By that time my Momma had taught me that you never should fart in public, EVER. At least not out loud! And here she was actually LIFTING her knee to let it loose. I was amazed.

Ok, sorry, had to tell that story. Back to the subject ...

The movie Bridesmaids grossed $288 million!

I KNOW I got some fellow Moms out there who loved that bathroom scene just as much as I did or that movie would not have made so much money. I watched that scene at least 10 times when I rented that movie, it was just so hilarious.

Hubby and I still quote from that movie!


And my personal fav.


HILARIOUS! Laughing just thinking about it!

As far as the potty talk, they're kids. I get it. And we will be making sure to teach them not to fart in least not where anyone can hear it. 


  1. Hysterical! We were totally on the same page today! ;)

  2. New Follower here! I could barely get through this.. Laughing so hard I had to stop and walk away..! thanks!

  3. WHEW! I was seriously working up a sweat thinking no one was going to comment and I would be left to think I was the only person out there who thought this was funny! Thanks Anna, Michelle and of course MOM!


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