Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Don't Want to Forget

I know I say it over and over again. Time is flying by. 

I just keep thinking to myself how I need to make sure I'm living each and every day. Really being present and absorbing it all. 

And I think as long as I do these things, that I will not let myself be sad when I'm older and in my rocking chair thinking back to these younger days with young babies and kindergartners. I will not be sad because I know that I lived it and experienced it and was there, really there, to enjoy every bit of it. 

So, with that said. Here are a few things I don't want to forget. 

Christmas Eve night. How we coaxed the kids into peaceful slumber by telling them Santa couldn't come until he knew they were sleeping. How we made sure to leave the tree on so Santa could see it but how I ended up turning it off before bed because I didn't want to catch the house on fire. And then how I couldn't sleep because I was so excited and how I got up around 5 to turn the tree back on so the kids would never know it had been off. 

How Aubrey woke me up telling me there were presents under the tree and Santa had come. They were all so excited but they couldn't open until Daddy was awake. 

The kids with their letters to Santa. 

Leaving them for Jolly the elf to take to the North Pole that night. 

How my sweet boy would gather all his blankets and camp out on the couch in front of the tree telling us how much he liked it and how it was pretty. Then we'd all end up on the couch talking about what they wanted for Christmas. 

How trying to get a good Christmas picture is very hard with 3 little ones. Especially a 3 year old boy. 

Sucking on his bottom lip. 

Making extremely weird faces.

Itchy head. 

Thinks he's a donkey.

We finally got a few good ones we could use. 

And especially how we shared a wonderful Christmas Eve with both sets of Grandparents and how it makes me realize how blessed our family is and how grateful I am that our kids have Grandparents that love them. 

I could not have asked for a more wonderful Christmas.


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