Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Owl Hand Print Craft

I just love Saturday mornings! Even more so, now that Aubrey is in school. Weekend mornings are cherished around here. We have a routine we've gotten into which usually starts with a few cartoons and then we head upstairs for breakfast and some free time. 

Aubrey is usually at the table with her coloring books and crayons, Emma has gotten into the groove as well and likes to color with her big sis. Brandon will usually be running around with swords fighting bad guys or sometimes he likes to sit at the table and play with his Yego's (Lego's). 

This past Saturday morning we got out our crafting supplies and got to work. I have seen a couple Owl crafts floating around on Pinterest and I think Owl's are the cutest so we decided to go in that direction. 

As you can see we make quite a mess!

We did hand prints as the feathers.

So cute!!! I actually had an ulterior motive for making these with the kids. I really wanted them to hang in Emma's room (can you guess the theme I'm going for). The kids liked them so much that they wanted to keep them to play with so I went ahead and laminated them so they wouldn't tare when being tossed around.

Later in the day they did get tired of them so they agreed to let me have them for little sister's room. Yay! 

Emma did make one but not until later in the day. 

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