Monday, February 20, 2012

Mission Possible

Mission: Entertain 3 wild and crazy kids for the day.

Ummm.....yeahhhh. When I said wild, I was not kidding. 

Not kidding about the crazy part either.

Ways I intend to do this:

Play in the snow before it disappears.

Arts and crafts. You know how we're still doing Christmas crafts? Well we do Halloween too! Don't HATE!

Secret Weapon: Play Doh

This should give me a solid hour of playing on the internet doing housework.

WAIT! I forgot about this one.... 

Luckily she's easily amused and laughs at all my jokes. I think she'll be just fine.

I'd say odds are 50/50 that I might run away today.

Just kidding, I could never leave this place ... all my stuff is here.

Just kidding, I could never leave this place ... Hubby has my car today.

Just kidding I could never leave this place ... I wont have a chance to change out of my PJ's. 

Just kidding I could never leave this place ... they would hunt me down.

Just kidding I could never leave this place ...

My heart belongs here and I love it more than anything. (this one's true)


  1. Ahh, my Emma is growing soooooo!!! Please bring her to see grandma soon.

  2. I GET the eye-rolling O.M.G! factor about entertaining kiddos 24/7. Funny, I barely remember childbirth (notice I said BARELY - I'm 61, not senile) but I DEFINITELY remember being the resident clown, storybook reader, crayon cleaner-upper, tea party organizer, etc. Days were loooooong back then. Sigh. I miss them. You have such gorgeous children! And, for once, this grandma & GREAT grandma feels more envy & nostalgia over your post than urges to laugh till I spew coffee! YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY AN AWESOME MOMMY!

    1. Awww, you are too sweet :) I can barely remember childbirth as well, and I just had my last one 5 and a half months ago!


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